Upgrade or not, that is the question!


First time posting, so I apologise in advance if I don't use the correct terminology or forget to include important information when requesting help!

My system spec are as follows:

AMD Athlon 3500+ Newcastle core
MSi 6800GT (o/c 425/1100)
4 x 512mb Corsair XMSC2 TWIN-X
Asus A8V Deluxe Mobo
Audigy 2 ZS platinum pro
Inspire 7.1 speakers
2 x 80gb Hitachi Deskstar RAID0
1 x 200gb Hitachi Deskstar
1 x 120gb Maxtor
Antec TRUE550PEC
Thermaltake Daimler Tower (5 Fans)
Logitech MX518 Gaming mouse

I built this system primarily for gaming, Joint Operations Escalation in particular, about 1 year ago. I thought I could play this game, which is not the most graphically demanding game out there, with full quality settings - i can't! :cry: Can anyone tell what they think the bottleneck in this particular configuration is. It scores 5703 in 3d-Mark 05.

I get random stutters in JOE, when I am panning from left - right or right - left. It will pause momentarily and then resume as if nothing happenned! Any idea what this could be? I think it is the video card or maybe even my sound card because I have noticed it happens at parts of the map where there is environmental effects and / or where a handful of people are emptying there magazines around me.

Do i need to upgrade or should my system be able to 'own' F.E.A.R. or Quake 4!!!!????

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  1. "Do i need to upgrade or should my system be able to 'own' F.E.A.R. or Quake 4!!!!???? "

    You should be OK for those games.
  2. yeah looks fine apart from the ram you would be better off with 2x1GB modules than 4x512MB... my system(in sig) doesnt own FEAR, but you should be fine with those games.

    nice system btw.
  3. Holy dog...

    That is a pretty decent setup you've got there...

    You might try getting new drivers.

    Also you should check your setting in you bios and turn everything up to what it should be, also some games are just written in a way that some specific setups can't run right


    I have a 3500+ amd 64
    1024 ram
    and a 9600xt and i can run half life 2 on full and i mean FULL
    But some people with way better pc's can hrdly get it going on medium.

    Also you should try a good format, that just about always works, but install windows, the sp2 and then and ONLY THEN install everything else.
  4. Thanks for quick reply (bourgeoisdude, flakes, rabidpeanut) Flakes, I cannot believe your system doesn't beat F.E.A.R as if it was it's dad :lol:
    I would have thought that your config would be able to cope with that game with relatice ease!

    So far as 2 x 1gb ram goes as opposed to 4 x 512mb, I initially installed 2 x 512mb dimms and everything was running fine. I then snapped up a bargain on ebay for the exact same modules for only £32!! :wink:
    I was aware, according to THG, that I should not expect to much difference in a system running 1gb as opposed to 2gb. However, seen as though I had those 2 extra dimms I installed them and I got marginally higher scores in benchmarks - from 5703 to 5731 in 3d Mark 2005.
    Even though I cannot run as tighter timings as I would like, 4 dimms works fine and I am able to switch to my desktop whilst in gaming and not fear not being able to return to the game. So that is why I have 4 x 512mb modules.

    Rabidpeanut, I am kinda jealous. My system cannot run HL2 on full settings without reducing my frame rate to an unbearable level. I have latest drivers and bios updates for all my hardware. I created a XP install disc that streamlines SP2 updates onto the 1 disc. It is alot easier and quicker and yes, I install essential drivers as soon as the clean install as booted.

    I want a Crossfire system with a dual core processor but prices at the moment are way too expensive. I mean, i resented paying £278 for my MSi 6800GT and I will be damned if I am going to pay £379 for an X1800XT Crossfire ready video card. Dont get me started on prices for a decent dual core processor :evil:

    Thanks again
  5. hehe well i used FEAR default benchmark;

    everything on MAX, soft shadows on and 4x fsaa and 16x Anisotropic filtering i got,

    min = 23
    average = 37
    max = 82.

    9% below 25FPS
    62% between 24 and 40 FPS
    29% above 40FPS

    thats ok but i like my FPS at 60FPS or higher the res im using btw is 1280x1024.

    Quake 4 is no problem that runs at 60 no matter what im doing.
  6. You know that a 9600xt is experimental right? (Was experimental) Well because of this it still sometimes gives that damn stutter bug that THEY LIED ABOUT FIXING. So you will play 2 stages perfectly and then suddenly after you have killed everyone and all events have been triggered then the game will go berserk and stutter like there is not tomorrow, the thing i dont get is that, it happens when nothing is going on in the game. And it happens no mater the setting so i thought i might as well have it look lovely if it will run crappily every now and then no matter what.
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