amd 674 3700+ 1 mb cache

250 gb hd

gforce 7800 gt 256 mb vid card combo with n4 sli motherboard

1g memory

sony dvd burner

benq x730 wireless keyboard and mouse

19" viesonic lcd monitor

nzxt lexa case

i mean how sick is that gonna be? For 1,100 total you really cant beat it

by the way what is cache? people arwe telling me the processor is really fast b.c it has 1mb of cache and not 512 mb.

also the athlon 3700+ is like a pentium 3.7 mhz chip right?

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  1. best comp for the money anyway
  2. It may not own for some things, but it is a wonderful setup for the price.
    Cache is a type of memory that is used by the processor for quick access. In this case the cache is actually on the chip.
    Amd's dont get that much benefit from large cache, except in situations where the whole prog fits in the cache. It does seem to keep the chip cooler, and helps OCing.
  3. Nice monitor. Since you are buying it about $30 less then when I bought mine.
  4. hey hardware boss how is it overall and how is it for gaming? i also get a copy og quake 4 with it free!!!
  5. thjats a sweet case by the way isnt it? the keyboard is slick also
  6. manoitor also had $%0 rebate. got it for 300 bucks
  7. Quote:
    amd 674 3700+ 1 mb cache

    I think you'll have a hard time finding one of those.
  8. Quote:
    thjats a sweet case by the way isnt it? the keyboard is slick also

    Looks like masturbation to me ...
  9. :oops: SLAMS DOOR!
    Stay out of the living room then!
  10. Sure .. I don't want to see that ...
  11. cache is a small amount of memory located on die that runs amazingly fast, at the speed of the core.

    Without cache, the cpu would run like a slug as every single data request would have to go out to main memory and back.

    as far as A64 chips are concerned, going from 512k to 1mb cache gives you (very approximately) a speed grade better performance on average.
    a 2.2Ghz with 1Mb cache is about the same as a 2.4Ghz with 512k.
  12. Great info, but I knew all that!!!! :wink:
  13. Then why on this green earth were you watching noodlz pull his plunger?!? :?
  14. I don't know... :oops:

    I should get a life ..
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