Cant Get SLI to work

Hey i recently got my 2nd video card adn i cant get sli to work. Heres a list of what i know

I have a sli compatible a8n-sli premium
I have 2x leadtek winfast px6600gt's (sli compatible)
Both cards are firmly in there pci-x slot
The bridge connector is firmly in place
The retention bracket to keep the bridge connector is firmly in place
Both Video cards fans are running
When i follow nvidias set up process un how to set up sli, when i get to step 4, uninstall drivers and reinstall new drivers, your suppose to reboot and get an sli-compatible system message. I do not get this, and when i go to the nvidia display properties and click multi-gpu it links me to nvidias i dont have a go sli option. My only idea is that maybe my 2nd pci-x slot is bad anyone have any ideas :(.?
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  1. Quote:
    ....anyone have any ideas :(.?
    Well yes, but you might not like my idea..

    Sell your 6600s on eBay and get a single 7800 GT! SLI setups are always inconsistant and just generally a lot of trouble. Slap a 7800 GT in there and you will have more power and less trouble...

    Sorry I can be more help with your 6600s.
  2. Have you enabled SLI in the BIOS? this Motherboard requires you goto

    Advanced -> SLI Configuration

    then set "AI - Selector" to "Dual Video Card"

    hope that works, then try reinstalling the drivers.
  3. Hey flakes, that worked thanks much =p. Asus really should of put that in their mobo manual :(.
  4. :D it is in there manual page 4-29 :P i have the same board as you :)
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