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Here is what I want to do...I have an NT 4.0 server running on a machine with a SCSI hard drive. I need to migrate this setup to a new machine that has an IDE hard drive. I have tried using ghost, but I get a hardware failure at boot up, assumably because it cannot find the original SCSI drive from the first machine. Here is my question, If I upgrade the current machine to Windows 2000 Server, and then make a Ghost image of it, will plug and play detect the different hard drive in the second machine? How about if I try the same with using Sysprep before the 2000 Server image?

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    Add to NT4 standard IDE CDROM/Dual-channel PCI IDE Controller drivers or any
    specific IDE controller drivers. Ensure atapi service is starting at Boot.
    Add to the boot.ini file the pointer


    and clone again.

    If you upgrade NT to W2k first, patch it according to

    You receive a Stop 0x0000007B error after you move the Windows XP system
    disk to another computer
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