I downloaded Internet Explorer 9 about 4 months ago and had all kinds of problems,I ended up having to uninstall it.Now I see that all kinds of people are giving it great reviews.Is there something that I did wrong or has Microsoft done something to correct the problems?Also when I downloaded it 4 months ago it was beta.If everything is working correctly on IE9 now what one should I download.My system is Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit Service Pack 1
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  1. its still RC wait for the full release
  2. fowang said:
    its still RC wait for the full release

    It was released on Monday the 14th, actually.
  3. IE9 final just got released.

    btw, beta is called beta for a reason
  4. i stand corrected, but ill wait when its installed via windows update, didnt like ie9 very much
  5. Works great i installed the RC Monday night.
    Definitely faster then IE8.
    Streaming video is improved imo.
  6. Orders of magnitude faster than IE8. I still prefer FF4 as my primary, but I use IE9 quite often at work, since most corporate apps are not coded to work with any other browser. Shocking, really.
  7. Huge fan of IE9. It's tempting, but I learned the habit of clicking on the little Chrome icon when I want my internets. I've already used IE9 for hours, and I really like what it does with youtube. It is quite fast. I have no complaints about it, just old habits die hard and I'm used ignoring that blue "e".
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