AN8 Ultra problems

I have just recently got an AN8 Ultra motherboard from ABIT and it is having some problems. Here is my set up, before I tell you exactly what is wrong:

AMD Athlon 3700+
ATI Radion 700x
1-Gig DDR400 RAM
1-30 Gig PATA Harddrive
1-160 Gig SATA Harddrive
1-DVD Burner
1-Real Power 450w Power Supply

On the board they have the digits that light up to show an error and the numbers have landed on 04 which is not a number for an error in the error code book. It also doesn't even boot up or anything. The screen will remain black and do NOTHING when I turn it on. Any advice would be helpful but we are thinking that it's the motherboard thats messing up (thank god for warrantees).

Thank you for your time.
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  1. POST 04 is a video card error. I had this board and kept getting that same code every now and then. It is the motherboard most likely, Abit seems to have let their quality go because I have heard of this problem on several boards. The Abit forums even have a long thread about this issue and there doesn't seem to be a solution yet. What someone suggested is that the board is drawing way more wattage then what the power supply can give it for the first 2 seconds. Someone with a 600w power supply was having this issue as well. I would return the board.
  2. Could I fix this by buying a higher wattage power supply? What says this problem won't happen again if I return the board and get a new one?


    I read a post on the ABIT forums that one of his capacitors is leaking and he got the same error code as I did so I check out my board and it doesn't even have the capacitor. All it has is a circle metal pice an 2 little bumps (where it would be soddered on). I'm guessing manufacturure problems.
  3. Don't think so, and you shouldn't have too. Someone on the "intermitent video issues" issue says they have a 600w power supply and they still have issues. I have 500w and had the issue. I returned the board for a refund and went with asus. I believe it is an intial power up issue too because one time when I powered up the system it tripped the circuit breaker in the section of my house it was using.
    I hate that ABIT has this issue. I love abit boards until now. Oh well good luck to you my friend. :)
  4. Thanks, but did you hear that the capicitor that was buldging on another forum, I am missing. It's just not there.
  5. Check your power connection to your Vid Card, and make sure it is seated staight in the slot, also check your connection on the back of the computer and the monitor and make sure the Vid Card fan is working right... Simple things first..
    Yes, bulging or leaking capacitors are a problem, need a magnifying glass to check them very closely... Good luck..
  6. I just added an Arctic Cooling cooler to my NV 7800GT, immediately i rebooted my Motherboard has been alternating between a code 0.4 (as above) and 9.0 (which is a cpu error apparently). By alternating, i mean sometimes giving one, sometimes the other.

    Yet I didn't touch the CPU (X2 3800+), only the graphics card. All had been working fine before. I'm on a Seasonic 430W PSU.

    However, after browsing forums i tried clearing the CMOS memory - now it boots properly / no errors. I don't claim great knowledge - first PC build - but that may help someone.
  7. When you do the initial install only put in the video card......leave everything else out..........hit the del key at start up and get into bios.......change your initial video to pcix first.......when you get booted up update to the latest bios.......which is 19.......I had the same problem also.......this worked for me.......also........stay away from maxtor hard least any of the new ones.......also.....reset the cmos and reinsert the battery........mine was not pushed all the way in when I got it...............
  8. Mine did that too till I updated the bios to the latest at the time.......go under you bios settings and put your video to is default at pci...........that will help and might get you going
  9. Any other ideas? I still can't figure out what's wrong with this motherboard. :(
  10. salaciarz said:
    Any other ideas? I still can't figure out what's wrong with this motherboard. :(

    As yours is the first post in three years I'm guessing not.
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