Need some help building small (microATX) system


I am building a new system that I need to be small - my last mobo broke in transit, so I want something small enough that I can take on a plane with me.

I am using the computer primarily for 3D rendering and Matlab - heavy computational stuff but not much video card usage.

I have decided on AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ for a CPU, NO overclocking

and I want a case something like:
Antec Lifestyle Minuet II (220W)

I need to find a case, mobo and cooling solution that fits my needs:

-small enough to fit in one of these cases (3.8"(H) x 12.75(W) x 16.8"(D)) (9.4cm(H) x 31.9(W) x 43.9(D))
-preferably built in video and sound card on mobo, though i could buy a video card if necessary
-total power that will work with the case (i will also have a DVD/CDRW eventually)
-will accept my current 2 IDE 3.5" hard drives

I am not a gamer so I don't need a super high end video card, but it has to be at least as good as my geforce 2 mx

I am worried about cooling - is it difficult to have a CPU like this in a small case? I have built other systems before but nothing with this size constraint. I would like the system to be fairly quiet if possible.

I would like to spend around:
<$150 for mobo (if possible)
<$100 for case
<$100 for cooling
roughly, so $350 total or less.

Any help/advice on cases, mobos, cooling is appreciated.
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  1. Bump (I have a spare microATX case so I am interested in a response as well)
  2. I have done some more research and it appears that the Minuet II case may not have enough power to run a dual core. So, are there other cases out there as small as the Minuet II that have a more powerful power supply?
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