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I'm not too computer savvy and I get frustrated easily. I haven't been able to watch any videos on youtube or hulu or anything for a while. whenever i try, the browser that i'm on stops responding. I've uninstalled and installed the latest version of adobe flash several times. I have tried uninstalling and installing flash on the browsers i use; internet explorer, firefox, google chrome, and i tried in vain with safari. I'm not sure what is happening, I just want it fixed. Yes i have tried the restarting the entire computer method as well... it hasn't worked thus far. PLEASE help me... i want my computer back to its full potential.
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  1. When you sayd you tried restarting the computer do you mean a fresh install of windows or just restarting the computer.
    I would check for virus/root kit

    run this program from kaspersky


    then run www.malwarebytes.org

  2. If it happens onmore than one browser, it may be as simple as poor DSL speeds. Run the test at http://www.speedtest.net and post back the result by copying and pasting the Forum Link back here.
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