M7NCD, Athlon XP and Pin-Mod

OK, ladies and gentlemen. I've been overclocking things for years, but as far as modding a CPU (and/or CPU Socket), I've never done it. Let me go ahead and break down the problem for everyone. Here is a list of the components in my system:

Biostar M7NCD (Non-PRO)
Athlon XP 2600+ (Thoroughbred-B)
Thermaltake Extreme Volcano 12+ HS/F
Western Digital IDE HD
Radeon 9600 SE AGP

Now because this board isn't the Pro version, the CPU VCore and Multiplier are both locked. And there's no sign of either of them in the BIOS (which I just updated). I found a page that shows a "Pin-Mod" to adjust the VCore and other things. You can find this page here:


The problem is, the page says something about cutting the L11 Bridge, and this has totally confused me. I really can't find an article explaining this, so I'm not exactly anxious about trying something that isn't clear. My current VCore is around 1.65. If I could hit 1.70, I know it would run a lot faster (and more stable) than the current FSB of 172. If I take the FSB any higher, I will experience restarts after about 15-20 minutes into stress-testing. My temperatures are more than cool running around 30C idle and 40C full load.

Before I close this post, I just want to make sure I'm clear that I simply need to increase the VCore so that I can raise my FSB. I need someone to explain to me how to do such a thing.

Anyones help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance, folks! :)
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  1. I've tried a couple of times to modify these bridges on Athlon chips, both times I failed because of the extremely small nature of these bridges. They look pretty workable, but when it comes to modifying them, they are awfully small.

    The site below is a pretty good reference to the bridge configuration on Athlon XP's and the bridge function changes somewhat with the different models so you want to be sure you know what you're doing before you start modifying...

  2. So I'll have to modify the L11 Bridge to change the VCore, right? :?
  3. Anyone? :(
  4. That's the one. Does the current bridge pattern of L11 on your chip match the chart for the stock voltage you have?
  5. I haven't even taken a look at the bridges on my CPU yet. I'll go ahead and make a chart of ALL the bridges on my CPU, then I'll post them. :)
  6. L11 looks to be C:CCC, but due to the size, I'll need a magnifying to be completely sure.
  7. That would make sense since it shows that's the configuration for your current 1.65 volts. In order to get to 1.7 you'd need to bridge the one open pair and cut two other pairs.

    Like I mentioned earlier, that's awfully delicate work.
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