Memory confusion!

I´ve got three memory sticks pc-3200 corsair 512mb on a Asus
k7v board. the wierd thing is that windows xp says 512mb also the task manager says 512mb while cpu-z says 1500mb ,as i should be.
what could be the problem?
A few days ago windows said 1mb.
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  1. Now i have re-installed all of them and now windows is detecting 1Mb and
    cpu-z still says 1.5Mb wich is correct.
    But the computer works a little faster,especially in BF2.
    could the last slot be broken?
  2. I don't have the same board but do have another Asus.

    First I would check your manual to see if the board supports more than 1gig. you should be able to find the manual online if necessary.

    Also, on my board I think only the first two slots will take double sided RAM and the other needs to be single sided...too lazy to look it up for sure but I seem to remember reading this in my manual.
  3. try also to update your motherboard's BIOS
  4. Problem solved!took them all out and back again,the last slot seems to
    be very picky,almost pushed the memory through the board he he!
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