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Im using only one drive at the moment and is setup as RAID 0.From what I read,in order to use any raid array u need at least 2 drives.However if i dont use this RAID option,I cant boot up.So i configure it to bootable drive using RAID otherwise I cant install OS.Is it ok?Now Ive installed XP on it,and I assume i need to install driver via floppy????????(necessary)?
in the mean time,can i instal mobo and gfx drivers 1s?
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  1. You can't have a RAID of any variety using one drive, unless it is partitioned and using partitions for a drive, then you get a performance hit.
    You are probably not using the RAID as an array, only as a driver.
  2. so what exactly must i do now?leave it and install mobo and gfx drivers?since technically im not using RAID???
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