Please review system specs - web development

Purpose : software development - VS Studio, MS Office, SQL Server + IIS (for testing) on XP Pro.

CPU: Athlon64 x2 3800+ (I know it sounds like overkill)
Mobo: Asus A8V (S939 w/AGP for my existing Matrox Millenium G400 AGP4X dual head graphics card + PCI slots for existing Creative SB Live Value sound card and USB2.0 PCI card)
RAM: Kingston 1GB PC3200 DDR400
HDD: Seagate 120GB 7200RPM SATA-150
Optical: Sony 30A-BK DVD+RW 16x8x16
Case: Antec Sonata II (450W)

Thanks in advance, Windy
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  1. Dual core would help but all looks good for what you use the system for...
  2. thanks, b..dude - the above is actually dual core
  3. Doh! That's what that X2 means :) Missed that sorry
  4. i would add a couple of quid and change the matrox millenium it knows its a good vga but its almost as old as the tnt2 now, u could get a ge-force fx series for quite a cheap price, but then again u could do that in the future
  5. If you only use that setup for word processinf it will last you the rest of your life.

    Do you hunt with V2 rockets?

    But it is always nice to stay up to date so that microsoft's latest look won't drain your computer totally.

    They love adding new rubbish to os's that you will never need, have any of you seen Vista's Requirements yet? Most gaming rigs won't even run it.
  6. VS Studio and SQL Server take up a lot of RAM you may want to consider upgrading to 2 GB of RAM or more. 1 GB is the bare minimum. It depends on what applications you are developing.

    Also you do realize that you can't run SQL Server on XP Pro? You can only install the Developer tools and then you'll have to run SQL MSDE or SQL Express or something which limits you to 2 connections at one time. So if you want to run the real SQL Server, you'll have to upgrade your OS to 2003 Server or NT Server.

    And if you are looking to run Server, you should eventually upgrade to a RAID, but is not necessary for just development.

    Also I'd ditch SB Live value and just run the Mobo sound system which has got to be way better than the SB Live value.

    Doesn't matter what video card you run unless you are also looking to do the graphic design parts of web development also.
  7. @b..dude - no prob, thanks again for getting the thread rolling.

    @Zakk - my graphics needs should be ok w/Matrox for now. Don't think I'll be going PCI-E video anytime soon - not a gamer. (BTW - every LCD looks inferior to my CRTs even at their optimum res w/clear type etc - is it just me?)

    @cookieman830 - all good points - I do have 2003 Server on another box but I may switch things around so wanted to have some leeway. Also, I'll probably utilise mobo sound as u suggested. The Asus A8V has 4 slots for memory if I need to expand RAM.

    Happy New Year all
  8. LCD's screens are kind of a fashion, not very useful but you are not cool if you don't have one. I am very uncool.
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