i have a dell dimension 2400 computer and plz help

i recently purchased a ATI Radeon X700Pro video card which is AGP and i just found out that i dont have a AGP slot to put it in, but... right beside the three PCI slots there is a seperate empty area which is higher and smaller with out a slot. it very well looks like i could fit in a AGP slot on it because there are scrue holes and everything there but the slot, is it possible for it to happen?
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  1. You'd have to replace the motherboard and that may be possible on that Dell, but you'd need to figure out if it's a standard ATX with mounting and so forth. Dell also used to have proprietary power supplies, so you'd want to check that too. Also, you'd probably have some problems getting your Dell load of software to work with a new board and may have to go out and buy new WindowsXP etc.

    So in short, "no" it's really not possible with that setup without an awful lot of work. Your option would be to exchange your AGP card for a PCI version of something better than the integrated graphics on that rig.
  2. ya k thx, i ordered a PCI graphics card already, a ATI Radeon 256mbddr PCI 9250 card and i need to know if it will work with call of duty 2! can u plz help me!
  3. I think you'll be disappointed. The 9250 isn't a very fast card to begin with even when using an AGP slot.


    This chart shows what framerate different AGP cards produce on Call of Duty and although the 9250 isn't specifically listed, you can see where something like a 9600 falls which is a much stronger video card than the 9250. I would guess your 9250 would be somewhere in the mid teens FPS range.
  4. but im not using an APG slot! and another thing the 256mb radeon 9250 isnt in that scale thing ur link is to! and the 9250 was the best pci card i could find!!!!
  5. That card will probably run COD2 just not that well. It is about the best card you can get for PCI. Unfortunately you are in a bit of a pickle when it comes to gaming. :( I used to have a Dim 2350 (basicly the same as your machine) with an FX5500 for my sons gaming needs. It did ok with BF 1942, CoD1 and United offensive but Doom 3 and BF2 would not run at all. If your into gaming start saving your $. You will need a new machine soon. Follow instructions below to disable onboard video. Also a run of Driver Cleaner may be needed. If you have any problems with installing download and run this: http://www.drivercleaner.net/ :wink:

    Link to installation insructions for Dell video card with integrated graphics:

    Upgrades PCI

    Good luck
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