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Hey guys,

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but: I just bought a new PC and a new monitor (a Dell 1905FP). The PC has a Geforce 7800GT that has two DVI-I connections. I hooked up my LCD and found the image to be great for everything /except/ gaming... so, I decided to hook up my old CRT to the other DVI connector, just so I could use it for gaming (F.E.A.R. etc) and use my LCD for work and everything else. Both monitors are now displaying the same image (not stretching an image over both) and I like that set-up.

My question is: Is there a performance hit for dual monitor output? Both mon itors are displaying the same image, but is my video card forced to work harder because of it? If there is a performance hit, I'll just disconnect one. Just curious.

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  1. Yes there is a perf hit.
    You can also have a different image on each screen, so that each screen can hold a seperate window.
    That is really cool, explore your features included with drivers.
  2. I got a dual monitor setup running on a 6600gt, haven't noticed and difference in my benchmarks playing, FEAR, BF2, COD2. Play everything on the LCD which is great, But I did the research though, NO ghosting on a 8ms Acer AL1722h....games are beautiful on it. so I can only imigine that with your monster card, you will have better results than I... :x
  3. normally, i use my crt for gaming, and my lcd for other windows(i.e. teamspeak, firefox, photoshop, etc). but i cant play cs:s while i have 2 monitors connected. my game lags behind, and feels like i drop to to 2fps, even though netgraph still shows 100+. to be able to play cs:s, i have to completely disconnect my lcd monitor before starting up the game. anyone have any ideas?

    also, i have my lcd connected with an analog->dvi adaptor.

    my specs:
    amd athlon x2 3800 @ 2.52
    abit kn8 nf4
    geil 1gb 3200 @ 333, 2.5cl, 1t
    ati radeaon x700 pro 256mb
  4. Strange, I've run dual monitors for years now. Never had a problem with gaming. The only way you're going to see a performance hit running dual monitors while gaming is if you have "Hardware Acceleration" check for "Dual Monitors" in the nVidia control panel. Change it to Single Monitor mode and it'll be fine. Incase you're not familiar with it, go to display settings>advanced button> Geforce/Nvidia tab>Performance & Quality Settings>Settings box. You might have to select "Advanced Settings" from the drop down menu above.
  5. Your Graphics Card already supports dual monitors. It's just in Clone mode right now.
    You just have to set the Multiple Monitors up in your display settings.
    Here is a link to a great quick tutorial:

    How to Setup Multiple Monitors

    Also, you will need a DVI to VGA adpter for the CRT Monitor,
    since you have dual DVI ports on you video card.

    Also, here's a forum that is dedicated to Multiple Monitor Support:

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