Modding this case to fit in larger mobo.

Would it be possible to mod this case so I can fit in my ASUS A8N32 SLi Mobo? I want to have a small footprint case, but none of the full size cases are small enough, and the only small sff mobo that has sli is the shuttles n26p. Theres also the iwill zmaxd2, but it only supports Opteron 940s.
I would appreciate advice. Thanks.
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  1. not sure what "this case" acctully is, but its unlikly that you will be able to use a larger form factor board in a SFF case as you will have things coliding, depending on that layout of the case inside.

    i suggest getting a bigger case or ust uding a SFF mobo for you pc :) if will save you some greif in the long run.
  2. LMAO, you've been reading Tom's Hardware Guide, right? Small footprint my arse, cubes are usually eight inches wide, towers are usually seven inches wide. How the hell do you say a wider case has a smaller footprint?

    Well, that's what THG does, but we forgive them. You have a short fat case. Your options are 1.) a taller case or 2.) a wider case. The wider case would be shorter than your cube but have a larger footprint :P
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