Need help in selecting vedio card

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i am not a gamer sort of person,,, my only interest with Vedio card is to

1) Play and Burn digital Pictures and

2) >> convert camcordr movies into DVD format.

3) .. watch TV and record on my HD

what u suggest the best and good priced card for this purpose.

i am running FX- 5200 card and ATI TV tuner card .

i bought ATI radeon X 700 Pro 256 AGP card today and i find that it does not has
DVD acceleration feature

Do u think this card is good for my need or i should return it.

My Computer specifications are

Intel 3.2E,
Asus P4 800 E deluxe MOBO,
Ram= 1024 MB dual channel DDR,
Pioneer DVD burner,
Ati TV tuner and external Hauppag USB TV tuner
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  1. I'm not 100% sure but I suspect that the 700 does help playback DVDs. I can't imagine a card that wouldn't these days.
  2. Quote from ATI's website re x700:

    Full-thrill Video

    Enjoy the full visual impact of DVD movies with smoother, clearer, and more detailed video playback . ATI’s VideoShader™ HD accelerates video processing and imaging with programmable pixel shaders for improved DVD playback and better multitasking while watching DVD video. FullStream™ sharpens image quality by removing blocky artifacts from streaming internet video. The Radeon® X700 connects to your television using S-video and composite video outputs, and supports both High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) modes for every type of available display.
  3. Quite honestly the X700 is fine for what you need, so is the FX 5200

    Your not doing anything in 3D, so you don't need 3D acceleration hardware, which is what the X700 is...

    You might prefer the X700 as it's ATI, and will use similar drivers to the Tuner card that you have, but the majority of tasks your wanting are handled by the CPU, which is ample in ability for what your wishing to do...

    The Radeon X700 is overkill for your needs, because as stated above, you aren't doing anything in 3D so you don't need acceleration for 3D...the FX 5200 is fine quite seriously...
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