Upgrading from Geforce FX 5900 128MB

Hi guys
I have a pretty good spec system but am finding the latest games play more like a slide show - X3 ReUnion being one.
My system is:
P4 3.2GHZ prescott
1gb ram
Creative FX5900 128 AGP graphics

I am limited to an AGP upgrade (Damn Nvidia for not bringing a 7800 AGP card out!!).

What card can you recommend that will get my games moving again!
Thanks guys :lol:
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  1. Here are the agp card benchmarks:

    As you can see a lot of the cards will out perform the 5900.

    Biggest problem you will find with AGP is trying to find they seem to sell out quickly.
    The agp x800gto was a great card but sold out very quickly.

    All depends on your budget on waht card to buy but you can get an idea of what to expect from the graphs
  2. Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated. Looking like going for a X850XT
  3. The X850XT can be found for about $250 in the USA. It and the slightly slower All-in-wonder X800XT are the best high end AGP deals out there. Your system with an X850XT would be a very capable gamer.
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