NEWBIE : Replacing CPU need to reapply thermal cpd?

does cpu need to clean up the thermal compound and reapply fresh one after removing the heat sink. im talking about placing back the same old cpu and heatsink on to the MB.

Mine is A64 3200+, by how much would it affect cpu temp?
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  1. i would do it...
    if you are going to put any thermal compound on your heatsink then yes you do need to clean the old off first.. there are plenty of how to's on applying thermal compound

    small grain of rice size dab is all you need spread it as evenly as you possible can using a small plastic tool of some kind - old credit card works good
    The temp difference may be minimal if a perfect contact is maintained but the downside is one smoked CPU if the contact isnt near perfect! Grease it!
  3. But my 64 doesn't use any conductive gel!

    What the hell!?

    Careful with that gel though, getting it off your hands is no mean feat.
  4. YES!, Since new cpu comes in package (HSF provided) they usually use thermal pad.

    Cleaning the CPU or removing the HSF needs fresh thermal conductive paste to make heat transfer optimum.

    Doing this needs removing the old thermal pad (usually grey in color) and applying a fresh tehermal paste before installation.
  5. Right on, do not use Artic Silver and the thermal pad, one or the other only. And if already used, clean with alchohol good first before applying thermal paste.
  6. Proof that to take even a computer's clothes of you might need some good old EtOH.
  7. LMAO! good one!
  8. The problem is that when my computer starts to make a noise i hit it...
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