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im on my way right after someone give me advice on which to get.

here are my choices:

-Opteron 175 s939
-X2 4400

:wink: happy new year!!!!! to everyone!!

i will be using my pc for testing all kinds of games for my internet cafe's, web server once a week (when my cafe server is under maintenance), Disk imaging specifically true image with tons of Hard drives everyweek (i use this to clone my pc at work and cafe, i need to clone 320 HD weekly. :( ), file compression, and my favorite part "PLAY GAMES"

the one i wishes if possible can run this game with no lags, slowdowns or that stupid pause in a sec while playing. :D i would be glad if someone could reccomend a great/best setup for me. budget is around $1800~$2500

wish game to run best:

Thank you in advance..
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  1. :( anyone? :( :( :(
  2. those are the same chip - so IF you are going to pick between those 2 - pick which ever one costs less

    both dual core - both 2mb of cache - both same speed - same instruction set
    though the opteron reportedly runs a little cooler (if this matters to you)

    you didnt mention overclocking though - if you want to overclock go with the Opteron - from everything ive read opteron overclocks easier
    you can probably bump the speed up 200mhz and get the same speed as a 4800+ without much trouble

    btw if game performance is weighing heavily on your mind save a few bucks and get a A64 4000+ they perform better in games than the dual core processors
    if yur going to alot of file compression thats smp optimized then u prolly want to stick with a dual core

    its your call - you know what you will be doing with this machine
  3. They are essentialy the same chip, so either way you wil get them same. The opteron is just a workstation cpu so in theory is made of better quality componets so it can withstand greater pressures.
    The opterons are good for overclocking because of this factor.

    Go 4400 if you just want a plain good performing cpu

    Go opteron if you want to overclock, overclockers love it

    Or which ever is cheaper

    Of course both will prob overclock but you should be able to get more put of the opteron.

    Hope that helps
  4. omg, thanks for replying quick. yes i want to OC it.. can the opty's play games like x2 and a64's? coz i heard before it has some restriction. i heard some games doesnt run on opteron's. and will it be able to run windows vista in the future and goes on.
  5. :roll: yay i cant wait much longer.. :? :D
  6. optys are the same chip as x2 and 64s so there is no compatability problem.

    Some games perform better if you turn off one core e,g BF2 but you would have to do that with any dual core.

    Yes it will run vista, but there are other requirements for vista not just cpu
  7. Thank you guys for helping me out... this is gonna be a wonderfull year. hope you guys to have good health, wealth and may God bless you both and your families. and ofcourse one more thing. have more money to come this year to spend on our beloved toys. :D

    MOD please close..
  8. Alright, were to begin....

    You do not have to turn off one core to game, there is a Windows XP Hotfix for Dual Core Processors. (Also an X2 driver which also works for Opterons.)

    Second, if you were considering Opteron, why not get the 165 instead. I think monarch still has them instock. You are almost garenteed 2.4 on stock voltage with those and some will do more on stock voltage. It's one of those YMMV kind of things. But with a little more voltage you could most likely hit 2.6 on air. I've seen some 165's get to like 2.8 and 3 ghz but thats pretty rare I think.

    If your going to OC then get the Opteron, if not then get the 4400+, it's as simple as that. OR better yet, save some money and get the 165 and OC to 4400+ speeds and actually save some money.

    Now I know this is a CPU thread but for your video card get the 7800GT. Even though your budget is pretty big, it's not worth getting the GTX. An OCed GT will beat out a stock GTX any day of the week.
  9. The opteron will likely last you longer, its made for large servers.
  10. I only said some games may want to turn a core off for better performance.
    The BF2 forum is full of people who had signigficant gains from turning one core off, untill the power that be EA makes a fix it will prob stay that way. It was just an example and you dont have to turn it off, it was more of a warning.
  11. you may have read something about the socket 940 opterons
    they require regestered memory (small performance hit there) nothing serious

    but the socket 939 opterons dont require regestered memory

    no compatibility issues though - as has been stated, same chip
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