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I have an old Geforce 3 with vivo handled by a philips 7108. I haven't used tv-out for a while, but now i wanted to use it, and i noticed that it no longer works. I tried to revert to old drivers, in case this was caused by some new driver issue, back to 71.84. Tv-out worked before perfectly with these drivers.

But now it doesnt work, and has a strange behaviour: (Just for the record, my board does not support dual view)
When i switch to tv mode, it should put the desktop on the tv, and shutdown the monitor, like it used to. But now, the tv display its all garbled, can't make anything out of it, and the monitor goes to 800x600x16. Then, all the changes i do to the tv are reflected on the monitor! (refresh rates, resolution, etc).
Its not a tv-mode problem, i chose the correct for my location, pal-b/pal-g. Event tried the other ones, but it only changed the garbled pattern.
Any idea on what is going on?

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  1. Hi Lupin,

    I just had the same problem after installing the (second to) latest nvidia drives.

    I rolled back to 61.76 and the TV output started working again.

    Hope this helps...

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