Unique heatsink idea - copper tube

Ok, for socket 939 or equivilant. 2.5" copper pipe (think plumber).
Approximatly 2-3 inches long.
Flatten the bottom to fit the cpu, and solder on (or arctic silver adhesive) small copper plate the size of cpu.
Fill with many small copper pipes so it looks like a tube filled with tubes, think 1/4 inch or smaller, if they are to be found.
Fan on one or both sides.

Then.... Since my case has the sys fan lined up with where that tube would be, plexiglass a tube from the sys fan to the cpu cooler, therefore always drawing in cool air.

Am I crazy?
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  1. Quote:
    Am I crazy?

    probably but you can talk about that at another forum.

    as for your idea, you do realise that in commercial hs the tubes(heat pipes) are filled with a special substance that turns into a gas when heated then back to a liquid as it cools at the top. with that in mind just copper may not work, but hey your cpu your money for all means give it a shot :?
  2. LOL! That special substance happens to be water! No shite!
    You can use different liquids, like alchohol, but most commercial ones use plain water, since its properties are acceptable for the heat range of the CPU...
  3. umm.. that doesn't have nearly enough surface area too cool a cpu down well. heat pipes are for transfer of heat, not meant for dissapation
  4. In order to get water to boil at a reasonable temperature they must also apply vacuum.
  5. Quote:
    That special substance happens to be water!

    really? i wouldnt of thought that would of boiled quick enough to get into gas, unless its an intel cpu :P .

    In order to get water to boil at a reasonable temperature they must also apply vacuum.

    ok yep now i see how that works.

    94Blue302GT - did you try your idea then? did it work?
  6. Well, right now i have a nice heatpipe cooler on my socket A which works miracles, that's for sure. I'm not talking of building a heatpipe cooler... yet, i was going to, but It's going to take some research... and a way to ceramic coat the inside of a pipe. But anyways, I'm talking just a regular sink, but hopefully better than stock. I have the parts, but i figured i'd put this on my 939 system when i build it in april-may, so i was going to plan the case for it if i do it.

    Really, i guess it would be better to have a nice heatpipe type deal with the same tube going to the outside of the case then, wouldn't it? Back to my heatpipe testing...
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