754 w/ PCIe x 16 >>> I need another one: HELP!

in an effort to figure out which part is responsible for this problem, I have narrowed down the possible problems to either the MOBO or the vid card you see below. I am going to have to buy another MOBO to get down to it. At the same time, I need a Micro ATX version because the ATX's present problems with my Antec P180 case*. In any event, these are the two choices that I have narrowed it down to.



I have already owned an MSI board and I would think it would be cool to work with an ECS board. The fact that they both have onboard video means that I can use it if I need to send the card back to ATI. So my question is, between these two boards, which would you recommend.

*because the PSU is at the bottom of the P180 the cables come up through the bottom slot (opening) which makes it very tight between the last PCI slot and this slot the cables come through. Also, the ATI aux power plug rubs up against one of the IDE cable connections on a HD.
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  1. let me add that I am a little scared to try the XPress200 northbridge. why? because the north bridges on these boards have no fan. won't that mean they'll get really hot? I am trying to stay away from NForce4 boards since that is the current northbridge I am using.
  2. Yes, fanless solutions do tend to get hotter. However, they wouldn't make the board if it didn't work. If you're using a Micro ATX case then you might be concerned w/ heat. If so, I would find a solution that uses a fan.

    As for which board is best- I have no clue. My company blocks access to newegg.com for some wierd damned reason.

  3. I have a big case, however, the air flow in there is like a cyclone!
  4. No otherboard will help if you don't have a good PSU.. yours seems to be failing.
  5. you're thinking of my old Antec PSU plus I mispoke in the thread you reference. But look at my sig below . . . you'll see a god among men . . . that's psu's mind you, not real men.
  6. But if it is reporting 2.something with 100% load.. I don't think it's a good sign ..
  7. Quote:
    But if it is reporting 2.something with 100% load.. I don't think it's a good sign ..

    yeah, I mistyped earlier. it is reporting 1.5v at full load. That's what AMD dashboard is reporting. 1.3v at idle.
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