What might cause this? Graphics Card Problem?

Hey, i'm not really sure which section of the forum would be the correct location for this thread but my guess is i might have a graphics card problem so i put it here...i dunno. Anyway, i have the game Battlefield 2, had it for a while, and working flawlessly. Suddenly yesterday i had this problem where in the middle of the game these boxes showed up on the screen mid game as i was playing, which i've never seen before. The boxes don't go away until after i restart the computer. sometimes it will leave the screen in in whatever resolution the video game settings are at which is 1024 x 768 after i exit the game, while my desktop resolution is supposed to be 1280 x 1024, after i restart the computer i have to manually change the res back to the original setting. Anyway, i havn't changed any settings on the game or on my computer recently that i know of that would cause this. Hopefully the pictures below will work so u can see what i'm talking about. Anyway, if you have any guess as to what might cause this or what to try to fix it, i'm open for advice.

Graphics card = Radeon X800xl

you can see on the second screen that that time it actualy didn't leave the resolution in the video game's settings...sometimes it does, someitmes not. But u can see the bluryiness if u look at the icons on desktop.
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  1. I've seen similar issues with Radeon 9800's, so your not alone in this plight...

    As I recall the fix was to update the drivers and ensure the card is getting enough power, and isn't overheating...check ATI's site for issues similar to this in their knowedgebase, hopefully there is a forum member who has gone through this on a 9800 or x800 series card, and remembers the fix...
  2. alright, so far i havn't had any luck. any other suggestions anyone?
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