Sempron versus Turion versus Celeron-M - Questions...

On the research phase in anticipation of a notebook purchase, I was interested to read this site's 2-part investigation of the Sempron, Turion, and Centrino/Celeron-M.

But I have a number of questions I would very much appreciate feedback on - especially if anyone knows of some more good articles they might recommend :)

I note from that 2-part article the Sempron and Turion compared where similar or same clock-speed and the Turion roughly came out about 20% faster across a range of tests.

I note price difference between Sempron and Turion sees a Sempron at about half the price but twice the clock-speed.

My question is, whether the price/clock difference might well see the Sempron out-perform the Turion for the same price - or, say, an 1800mhz Turion versus a 2400mhz Sempron.

No need to be too picky about specific numbers, but, generally, it would be my impression that the 2400mhz Sempron would out-perform the 1800mhz Turion, and at a significantly lower price.

I note a major seeming difference in FSB clock-speeds - with the AMDs around 1600 versus 450 Intel.

Previously my experience would suggest such large differences would almost certainly cripple any Intel unit versus an AMD, but the 2-part article mentioned at the start made no mention of such.

Any advice or pointers in this area?

On either of these questions any help, advice, or references to other articles would be greatly appreciated :)

Edited some terminology and to clarify questions.

Ultimately, I'm wondering what I will be best to go for to maximise performance versus low price.
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  1. the higher model number of the sepron would indicate higher overall performance. however you may find the turon is moer suitable for a notebook for power and or heat reasons (im not sure on specifics so ill leave it to someone who is ;))

    AMD prossors use a Hyper Transport bus rather than the traditional FSB due t there built in memory controller. where as the Intell platform still has its memory controller on the northbridge. so its more a matter of the design of these companats dictating the speed rather than a straight comparison between the 2.

    and FYI centrino is a platform specifation combining a intel pentium m CPU, intell chipset and intel wireless networking, rather than sepron and turon that are just cpu's.
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