Windows 7 crashing-Help!!!

Hello all. I've been through quite a bit with my computer of the last few days. I use it for EVERYTHING (just as I'm sure you all do) and I'd like to get it back up asap. Anyhow it all started a few days ago when in XP my windows explorer seemed to be not loading properly. I told the computer to shut down and I figured I would just reset it the next morning.

Well it took forever to shut down but it finally did. I started up the computer the next morning but after the windows loading screen it went black and would not load in. Confused, I booted into safe mode but it would not load after mup.sys. I left it there for about 30 minutes but nothing.

I figured my XP got corrupted somehow so I did a repair but didn't have my old xp key and after a hassle with microsoft as well as trying to use some of my other keys that came w/other computers I decided I might as well just upgrade to windows 7. I did a fresh install on a NEW HD that I bought. Everything was fine for most of the night. I installed all my old drivers and restarted the computer. It loaded into windows 7 started to load some of the startup stuff....and crashed.

(whew this is getting long, sorry). I figured a good ole restart would solve the issue. Then it started doing what XP was doing... crash after loading windows (except it's a black screen and I'm able to move the mouse). Booted into safe mode. Everything was working fine. Downloaded some anti-virus just in case and when I went to unzip the file it crashed to a black screen where I could move the mouse again. After a few minutes it displayed the "failure to display security and shutdown options".

So now I'm stumped. Video card? I would think there would be more display-type issues. Mobo? Cpu? I surely hope not. Here are my specs:
Seagate 1TB SATA 7200rpm
Gigabyte (foget model) mobo
AMDx2 4800+
ATI radeon x1900xt 512mb
Sound blaster xfi elite pro
500 W Dynex PSU
4.0 GB corsair ram
Windows 7 64-bit

ANY help or suggestions you could give would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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  1. You have lots of areas to check out but my guess is that this is a hardware or hardware settings issue. It could be that your powersupply is not working properly or that some component like the cpu or memory or your northbridge is getting the wrong voltage. Things might be over heating etc.

    Your Dynex powersupply is pretty old and PSU's degrade over time so you might want to start there. Also check the voltages and temperatures in the bios of your motherboard and look for anything unusual.
  2. Thanks. I will do some of these things and report back here.
  3. After testing various hardware components, it seems as though the issue was just that windows 7 64-bit is just not very compatible with my hardware. After installing windows 7 32-bit it works just fine. Thanks!
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