Setup mac osx on custom made netbook

I got a custom netbook with the following specs.
CPU N2800 1.83Ghz Dual Core 4-thread
Chipset IntelCedarview-M
Memory DDRIII 4gb
Ssd 64gb

I am lookin to setup mac os on this netbook and is looking for help.
I am new to mac though have a basic understanding of it.
Please help me in installing mac os also suggest me the suitable version compatible with the abouve config.
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  1. You do know that you can't simply install OSX like you can Windows, right? You'll need to use specific programs to get it to work, and even then, it's not a great solution.

    Even still, if you're dead set, here is a tutorial.
  2. It's kind of a touchy subject on toms, but try googling slipstream and hackintosh.
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