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Need to replace my PSU on an upcoming rebuild and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with or recommendations on modular units. Pros and Cons?

I'm going non-SLI, so 450-500watts should be all I need.

These are some I have looked at:

Antec NeoPower480 ATX 12V 2.0 Modular Computer PSU, 480W, Gold-plated, Support SATA & 2x PCI-E

Rosewill RP500S-2MK ATX 2.01 500W Modular Power Supply /Black

Thermaltake Purepower W0057RUC 500W V2.0 PFC Power Supply (Black)

Other suggestions would be welcomed.
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  1. I don't have personal experience with any of these models, but my experiences with a few other Rosewill models were terrible. I'd advise against that brand.
  2. I got a OCZ 450 mod stream ( modular ) in my other it!
    Thermaltake is ok but read alot of threads on the problems with it the rest I have know idea about
    generally i stick with good manufactures like, PC power and cooling, OCZ, seasonic, futron source, and a few Antec products. OCZ is the only one that makes modular PSU from the above list given
    any of the above would be a good choice!
  3. Hello,

    Rosewill 500 and 550 modular supplies are the best ones based on your listing (as they are less than most modular PSU's out there for under $100).

    Try, type modular in the search, and a whole bunch shows up. There are several that I would recommend: Hiper Modular Type-R --and-- PowerRight™. The Ultra Connect is good (2nd choice).

    Antec's NeoPower do not receive good ratings. Not all of Thermaltake's get good ratings either.
  4. I have a Antec TruePower 550 watt for $89 (last month I had a 15 rebate that made it 75 ;) ) that runs very stable. It is powering an X1800XT, 4 SATA drives in two RAIDS, an Opteron 175, and a DVD Burner with a TV Tuner card.
  5. Hello,

    Yeah, I have the same Tru550. This 550 W has the 120mm fan.
  6. My TP550 has only one 120mm fan, there is an identical model also with two smaller fans like my TP430watt has, which is good too.
    Then their is the TrueControl 550 which is just the TP550 with fine adjustments on the rails to tweak output.
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