Suitable case for an A8N SLI premium.


I have bought an A8N premium mb and also a Enermax cs-718 case. I am now thinking I have a problem with turning the mb upsidedown because of the cool pipe technology. On top of that I have also bought a AMD 3800 dual core cpu and the mb box doesn't have the AMD X2 sticker on it that I have read alsewhere that needs to be present.

I don't really want to return the case because it suits my needs.

Cheers for any help,

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  1. There might be a small drawback from using an upside down chassi but I don't think it will be any notable difference. And the motherboard supports X2. The only reason it lacks the sticker is because the motherboard was released before X2.
  2. erm no...

    *Please note due to the special onboard chip set Heat Pipe cooler this motherboard is not compatiable with Cases that use the motherboard upside down such as the Silverstone "TEMJIN" J06-B and Enermax CS-718

    look here at the big red nasty notice :)

    thats cause if the board is turned upside the water in the heatpipe will run down into the heatsink bit where the chip is not that means the only thing cooling the onboard chip is the aluminiun bit, which in short means you will probably at the very worst burn out that chip.
  3. Thanks for the help guys.

    I have decided on returning the case after all and have another, more conventional on arriving tomorrow. Then for the fun bit in plugging it all together, bit concerned that others have found problems plugging in the AMD 3800+ x2 chip though.


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