VideoLogic ZXR-550 speakers

I've got some VideoLogic ZXR-550 speakers ( and want to try and get the best out of them.

As far as I can tell, the speakers are simply an amp and speaker set and have no digital encoder built in.

Currently, I've got them hooked up via the three left, right and sub dual phono to RCA cables into my Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 card.

It appears as though my card supports EAX2 and does the digital encoding in software.

Would I get the most out of my speakers if I upgrade to a card or device that supports on-board hardware based encoding and the latest feature set such as EAX4?

If so, how do I go about this with cables etc.? I don't have a S/PDIF connection on my speakers, just the three dual phono sockets I mentioned earlier.

I looked at the Creative Labs Audigy 2 ZS Platinum 7.1 Surroundsound 24-bit Sound Card ( and also on the Creative web site ( but I can't understand how I'd hook the soundcard up to the speakers. Do I just not use the S/PDIF connection? Will I then get the best performance?

Some general advice would be great please... :roll:
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    Their is your linky. Other people are too lazy to copy and paste.

    Generally, its up to you and what games you play and what you plan to do. Most people love the Xi-Fi that they get when they are heavy into the EAX games and music/dvd.

    As for how would it hook up, If you want to use EAX, the soundcard itself would need to be hooked up just like you have it now. Most soundcards work about the same on the outputs. Unless the device (your speakers) supports EAX, bypassing the onboard hardware would put all of the decoding load on the speakers digital decoder, witch it does not have.

    edit: You should be using

    1/8" stereo - RCA (also stereo).

    Just like this... Clicky
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    So I'm assuming that something like this:

    Sound Blaster® X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS

    would be great for what I'm looking for and would connect up to my ZXR-550 via the three cables absolutely fine?
  3. Thats right. If you get a little lost, just look in the help booklet that comes with them. Since that is a 7.1 card ( I have only worked with the 5.1) you may need a special Mini-RCA dapter that is for 3 channels (someone correct me if I am wrong). I would check into that first. Going to the Xi-Fi from a Live is a nice jump.

    -Edit: Also, I dont know about your speaker selection where you live, but before you drop a whole load of extra cash into the big boy sound card, check out something from Klipsch for some higher quality speakers.

    I have these and I love em! Klipsch Promedia Ultra

    That is about as good as it gets before you go custom with a reciever and bigger/high-end speakers.

    To be honest, I would get both at the same time. Xi-Fi + Klipsch = Ownage! Unless you realy need all that extra hardware, just get the basic card and save the rest for the speakers.

    Happy listening! 8)
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