Is my hard disk noisy?


First, I wish you a peaceful and happy new year for all who are work in tom's hardware and reading this mail...

OK, here is my problem..

I have "Hitachi" (HDS728040PLAT20) Hard disk. When it's reading and writing noise coming out similarly "Quantum fireball" hard disk reading and writing. I have "Quantum fireball" hard disk too. But it's not connected to my system.
My friend hard disk doesn't noisy while reading and writing. He has a SAMSUNG 80GB Hard disk.
I used Quantum fireball hard disk for my first computer and Hitachi for 3rd one.
1st system Config.s is

Cyrix 333 Cpu (MMX , 266Mhz)
Raffels Mainboard (Via apello 100Mhz Chip,1 agp,3 pci,2 isa, 2 dimm slots, 2 usb port, AT and ATX Power connector)
64MB RAM (IBM SD ram chip)
HDD as above mentioned (15GB)
O/S, Windows 98 Second Edition
Mainboard bios is Award Bios

3rd System config.s is

AMD athlon 64 2800+ (1.8Ghz) Processor
MSI K8T Neo FSR Mainboard (MS-6702)
256 MB RAM (Kingston)

This system when i was purchasing, that noice came out form Quantum hard disk while reading and writing. But when i connected this hard disk to my new system( 3rd computer) That noice didn't came. IF it's came, you can't hear if your distance more than 1ft. But Hitachi Disk always noisy when it's reading and writing.

Please tell me,

Why is that noice didn't coming when it connected to my new system?


Where is that noise coming and why? (comparing to Hitachi and Samsung Hard disk)


that noise affect to the disk performence?

Thank You!.

Yohan Sandaruwan
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  1. Might be because the low memory in the first system force the OS to use more virtual disk that on the second. And if the drive is heavily fragmented, then the OS has more trouble to allocate the prope swap file area, so the heads are moving a lot..
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