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whats the sound quality difference like between the Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS and the X-Fi Pro edition(or any other x-Fi card) just wondering if its worth buying im gonna be upgrading my speakers soon to the Creative Gigaworks S750, and have heard people complain that the audigy 2 ZS doesnt sound all that great with them but the X-Fi does...just want to know if this is some sort of marketing scheme.

plz no numbers or links to reviews could i have personal experiances with these two cards, cuase with sound its what you hear not that it has a numbers.
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  1. stick till a newer and better sound card comes out
  2. X-Fi sounds better then audigy. I had Audigy 2 and upgraded to X-Fi, no regrets. Especially if you are planning to get proper spk set. X-Fi has a few features that makes it stand out: bit-perfect playback, 24-bit crystallizer and CMSS-Headphone. The last one is really cool if you are gaming.
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