What DVD/CDRW Drive? Choices choices...

I don't have hundreds to spend on cream of the crop. I am looking 40-60 dollar price range. I wont be burning up DVD/CDs like Disco Inferno, just want a reliable stable drive, easy install I use SATA HDDs. And CDROM works. And here are a few models looking at:

NEC Model ND-3550A - OEM

LITE-ON Black ATAPI / E-IDE DVD Burner Model SHM-160P6S - Retail

ahh luxary of low priced retail. And I know LITE-ON is a good manufactuer. I know also PLEXTOR... but they are pretty expensive. I prefer Retail, last OEM granted was cheap but lasted a week. NEC model supposed me a bes buy and top rated burner/rom, but its OEM so not sure how much trust this one... Out of these 2 which like better? Or other suggestions in price range?
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  1. I have the NEC ND3550A. I would not recommend it for one simple reason- it has serious issues reading burned CD's written at any speed and on any media by my Lite-On. Since the majority of burners out there are rebranded Lite-On drives, you're bound to run into problems eventually.

    Get that Lite-On. Lite-On owns in terms of compatibility.

  2. BenQ DW1640.
  3. stay away from Aopen at any price.
    I have had nothing but problems from day one.
    I saw it on for 69 candian dollars at costco and would touch it with a 10 foot pole.

    just a heads up
  4. I'd recommend either Pioneer or Lite-On. I've never had problems with either brand.
  5. Plextor are difinitely great burners but expensive.

    i reccommend you go for the lite-on!'
    great drive, cheap and silent.

    no sony or asus. very annoying to use. very selective in type of cd media in reading. burns (literally) the heads when use very frequently. ( based on my experience, that is)
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