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Ive read a number of things that are starting to drive me nuts... Ive read reviews that the Thunder K8WE (S2895) Only runs the 2nd Graphics port at 4x.... While on Tyan's Site they say full 16x on both slots.

And the 2nd Question I have. Ive read that if you only have one CPU and 2x 7800GTX's that the 2nd Graphics Card wont read becuse there is only one CPU? Is this true?
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  1. I'd rather believe the reviews. Companies will list the slot type rather than the data connections. Tyan probably refers to the slot type rather than the number of data pins per slot.
  2. If the board has only a single CPU installed, you can only use PCI express slot 1 and also, you can only use one of the two Ethernet ports.

    - Most reviews websites are clueless. :P
    - What part of nForce 2200 + 2050 do they not understand ?, oh they lack chipset knowledge in any way, shape or form.

    Yes, you'll need 2 CPUs to get the most from the board.

    Yes, you need to enable BIOS options to get the maximum out of SLI for said chipset. (nForce 2200 + 2050 was the 1st true dual PCIe x16 chipset, well before the consumer nForce 4 Ultra / 32, etc)

    The PCI-X (NEVER TO BE CONFUSED WITH PCI Express) slots will not all be active with only one processor, however the SLI should still work with just one CPU.

    Sometimes I wonder if sites do paper reviews, based on what they (clearly don't) know about hardware.
  4. Each 16x slot is independantly controlled by seperate CPU's.
    One CPU, one slot active.
    Two CPU's, both slots active.
    SLI only avaliable with both CPU's installed.
    I just got mine, and so it was said.....

    One CPU....SOL
    Two CPU....go like hell
  5. Most review sites are mixing up the thunder and the tiger version.
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