Need Some Help Choosing Graphics Card

:? I have a Dell Dimension 8250 w/ a Pentium 4 cpu 2.53 GHz, 256MB ram and right now i have a Nvidia Geforce4 MX420... It's an ok card, but i want something better. I'm trying to stay in a price range of $120 or less. So if you could give me some suggestions on some that would work on my comp, and look great I'd apprieciate it. Thanks.
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  1. First, I would buy some ram.

    ......then, I would get whatever you can afford with what money you have left.
  2. I wouldn't look into RAM, your computer appears to use RDRAM, which will be amazingly expensive...

    Possibly changing your motherboard out for a DDR supporting Socket 478 board from Abit or Asus (there are some other good manufacturers, however those two are personal preferences (MSI would be another fine maker, and DFI's Infinity series would be fine))

    The motherboard should cost you around $40-$50, that'll allow you to use DDR (and you can sell off the expensive RDRAM for probably enough $ to recoup what you spent on the motherboard) and then with your $120 you should be able to pick up 512MB or more of DDR 400 and a somewhat basic, but newer, AGP card

    possibly a 9600Pro
    that's my 2 cents, if you can get RDRAM cheap tho, i'd definately do that before replacing the system board (you'll have to reformat with the system board replacement, which is another downside to it, but i'm just suggesting it as a solution to move you into a more upgradable area)
  3. Yeah i have RD ram... so i cant add on some ddr with my rd?

    Second question... memory aside, what would be the best with my system right now? Play Counter strike and call of duty 2
  4. nah, you can't add DDR to RDRAM, sorry there mate

    and to the second question
    AGP 6800GS if you can find one...
  5. Do you think the ATI Radeon 9550 Video Card, 8x AGP, 256MB DDR will work ok?

    And if Call of duty 2 supported chipsets are the ATI 9000,9200,9500,9600, etc. will the 9550 be supported as well?

    And do you have any idea where i can find some cheap rd ram... it would be a pain to convert, lol.
  6. Better than a 6800GS AGP would be a X850XT AGP. Much quicker and not much more expensive. Both overkill though with his current system specs. He needs RAM. :(

    Kinda a tight pickle he's in as a new mobo/ram and keeping that cpu just seems to lack also. I'd rather see him bite the bullet and dump the CPU also, going with a PCI-e NF4. Then he can get a 6800GS or X800GTO or X800 pro and save money on the video card. More money yes, but alot better system and the good deals in video cards are almost all PCI-e now.

    I agree, upping the rambus if it can be found cheap. Then buying an AGP card with the money left over.

    Buying an Abit IS7 i865pe mobo and at least 512MB ddr, and then OCin the cpu might be an interesting option if he feels confident in trying that.

    Or save up until he can buy a PCI-e mobo, and A64, RAM and a PCI-e card; which would be th best option.
  7. Yes a 9550 would work. It's not a powerful card though and COD2 is a beast of a game making even the most powerful cards struggle.

    A 9550 is basically a slower clocked 9600. If you get a 9550, make sure it's has a 128-bit memory interface and not a 64-bit. Note this is not the amount of ram 128MB I am refering to. The 9550 128-bit is better than a 9600se, which has the crippled 64-bit memory interface.

    A used 9700 pro would be so much faster for you. It's really hard to recommend less than a 9600 pro anyway.
  8. Yeah it's the 128 bit...

    I figured it wouldnt be enough for COD2... just more than what i have

    Then also... would my rdram intefer with the video cards ddr ram?... im sorry if that is a dumbass question.
  9. Anyone know?
  10. Quote:
    would my rdram intefer with the video cards ddr ram

    No not at all.
  11. Quote:
    :? I have a Dell Dimension 8250 w/ a Pentium 4 cpu 2.53 GHz, 256MB ram and right now i have a Nvidia Geforce4 MX420...

    Dell! Dell! Dell! Damn!

    You can't just R&R mobos (or PSUs) on a Dell, they use proprietary designs not compatible with the rest of the world.

    More ram is good, but $ are wasted as soon as you upgrade to a new box.

    Better video is good, but $ are wasted as soon as you upgrade UNLESS you buy an AGP/PCI-e mobo for your (future) system.
  12. RDRAM is not that easy to find. It runs about $100 for a 256MB stick and you will need to buy memory in pairs.

    Here's one source I found:{57AEE473-4E2A-4E26-ACAB-5447EEVEREST02AF567}
  13. Sorry, that URL link didn't work. Just type in and search RDRAM and you'll get there.
  14. Your biggest problem is your RDRAM memory. Since your system has to use memory modules in pairs you will end up with a cost of at least $300 for 3 modules.

    For $300 you will get an AMD64 motherboard, an AMD64 CPU, and 1GB of DDR ram.

    But your graphics card is also a problem. But a 6600GT is pretty cheap ($113 with mail-in rebate at
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