Abit KN8 Mobo nforce 4 ultra Question

Been looking at thins mobo for a couple days now. Tried to do some research on but I come up empty on any reviews.
Generally im lookin for good overclocking abilities, reliablity, support and such
if anybody has got any good advice ( indepth Please ) please reply
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  1. This may not be much help, but I have the Abit KN8 SLi board. I easily OC'ed my 4400+ from 2.2 GHz to 2.42 by simply increasing the FSB to 220 MHz. The system is rock solid and keeps very cool.
  2. how long have you been useing this board...its generally the same has the KN8 ultra, but has 2 pcie that I know. good bios, oc options..etc???
  3. Only about two weeks. It strikes me as the same as the Ultra, but you can compare features at Newegg.

    BIOS are good. Changing the FSB took less than five seconds.

    General notes:

    -Do NOT install the nVidia firewall. More than a few people have reported serious data corruption.

    -Do NOT use Abit's FlashBios. I had some problems with this and it is much safer to update BIOS from a floppy.

    Other than that, you're good to go.
  4. thanx for the info bro....I dig into it some more..doing some comparsions with other mobo's
  5. I was looking at the same Mobo now that the Abit AN8 Ultra is discontinued!


    I was going to pick up an Abit AN8 Ultra before Christmas but everyone is sold out..

    Any info you dig up on the KN8 would be great.

    I want to get a AMD 4400 X2. (My first AMD)

    I only have the cash for 1 PCIe, so I'm not interested in SLI.

  6. Thanks wusy,

    I'll check out the Epox board.
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