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Does anybody know about the snippet tool ? Both my cousin and I have dell computers both have windows 7 64 bit yet he has the snippet tool yet I dont . I've searched through out my programs and can't find it . would any body know where it would be hiding ?
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  2. Davcon - Thankyou so much for responding but that was one of the first things I checked and it's nowhere to be found any where in there also the tabletpc is enabled . I've pretty much searched just about every where i've stopped short of going into safe mode and running malware programs . I've went to help and support in windows and it tells me about it like it's in the computer but i see no signs of it anywhere .
  3. Do you have the same Windows Edition as your cousin? I'm thinking that the tool may be part of, say, Ultimate but not Professional or some such thing...
  4. sminal - yes i do windows7 home edition 64 bit . Just yesterday i found the snipping tool hiding in C:\windows\system32 and have since installed it . Don't ask me how it got there but there it was thank you replying though .
  5. Thankyou every body for replying but I found the answer myself , once again thankyou all for taking the time to reply ......
  6. If you post the solution to your problem it might help someone else who comes across this thread because they're having the same issue...
  7. To find the snipping tools hiding place first > press the windows key & the letter R at the same time , > this will bring up the Run box . > type in " C:\windows\system32" press the ok button and voila there it was hiding in there . picked one L.H. clicked on to it and i've been snipping away ever since .....
  8. Thanks for posting your solution! It's really odd that it doesn't show up on your start menu. You could right-click the ".exe" file in the System32 folder and select "Pin to Start Menu" to make it easier to get at.
  9. Thanks so much sminlal for that tip it does sound a lot easier. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply .
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    Might also try, go to run box and type in snipit. That How I first involked the program.
  11. Thank you also retired chief sounds even easier . Is that a airforce emblem ?
  12. Yes, retired 1983 w/22yrs.
    Finally retired @ 62 (polite word for laid off) 2004
    2008 Got a call asking if I would like to come back part time to work on Satellite - Heck, Get paid for enjoyable/interesting work, also keeps me out of wife's haire and Honey do list LOL.
  13. can't blame you there semi retired chief . I think i would rather face navy seals training rather then the dreaded honey do list . I was handed a lot of lost pictures of my father when he was in the air force . I know he was stationed in san antonio texas and miho japan in 1952 . I also inherited quite a few pictures of different planes with no id's written on the pics. I wish i would have talked to you 2 months ago , i went half nuts trying to track these planes down and id them ....
  14. Off topic

    While I was in the Airforce, My Idea of retiring was to retire to a place where when they saw a Airplane they said LOOk up in the sky, Its superman. Hated flying. While in Vietnam, I flew on some really OLD planes like C47, Connie 119.
    When I started working at Nasa (contactor) my 2nd job was flying on NASA research 707 (5 Years maintained and operated the central data colection system). Had a Bird strick and had to do an emergincy landing, Hit a Deer on on take-off which was aborted, Blew a tire on landing - We landed on ice, they had spead water on a section of the run way and let it freeze, testing runway friction. Only flight I got sick on was when we were following a C130 with smoke pod (SINK) - Believe me a rollercoaster ride would be a piece of cake compared. We were testing the wave vortex given off by a plane - testing this for how close you can follow a plane.
  15. also off topic

    you know while my father was here i was to young and stupid to really sit down and talk to him about his air force days . but now that he's gone and i'm older i would love to , but i missed my chance . Thankyou for sharing some of yours . I enjoyed hearing them . Write more if you get a chance . Until then keep your feet on the ground chief .....
  16. RetiredChief said:
    When I started working at Nasa (contactor) my 2nd job was flying on NASA research 707 (5 Years maintained and operated the central data colection system).
    Wow, what an interesting job that must have been. You must have a lot of fascinating stores to tell!
  17. Yea, Got some good one from nam, but not for mixed company.
    @ NASA:
    5 yrs on one satellite, spent a year on/off at E. Winsor NJ, and the to the cape - did the final helath tst before lifeoff, Toke my Aunt to whate the lifeoff.
    5 Years Flyin on 737 Research plane
    1 1/2 on Navy F18 drop model project
    Finished up on a 2nd satillite instrument, Got to go to Moscow twice, they put us up @ the Moscow country club. then to Baikonur for the final intergration on to the Russian Meteor Satillite, and a week in Italy.
    Traveled more than when I was in AF.
  18. Had a couple of friends who spent some time in nam and your right the stories are not for mixed company and i might add the faint of heart . Your extremely lucky to have done so much with your life . You mention being involved with a F18 project , have you ever been around or involved with my all time favorite fighter jet the F-14 Tomcat ?
  19. No
    Added, had to go back an correct my post 707 ->737
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