Antec Super Lanboy?

Stumbled onto this... now, I have no use for it LAN wise. However, not really necessary... looks like a good case, 76 bucks? Or maybe im dreaming, and the unnecessary LED sparkly lights are warping my mind... more likely =)


If anyone knows or has this case do tell. Really care about cool air flow and enough room, easy building and stability.
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  1. That case looks decent and will hold an atx board fine.
    Might want to order some extra thumbscres and other drive screws, since it apparantly does not come with one extra.
    The last 3 cases I have bought have come with about 8 extra thumbscrews, quality fans, and a bag of misc parts for configuration, one case came with a different set of color thumb screws and extras for each.

    I use 4 hard drives, and want room for another and look for at least 5 hidden 3.5, and I pit two in middle, and two outside giving two slot tunnels for air to flow thru.

    Cooler Master makes some good looking cages kind of similar looking.
  2. Then what cases do you recommend Rich? That doesnt go over 125... I will have 2 HDDs, (for now) basically dont need PSU with case, like easy stress free build and enough, quality fans that come with for crisp cool circulation. Im pretty set on my build except for the case... my first build ground up, upgraded parts to much pain with silly cheap case.
  3. I have this case and its not bad. I wouldn't go back and get it again if I had the chance. I noticed a little bit cooler then my no name case I started off with. The fan in the back doesn't move that much air when I put my hand back there... And the way the HD's are set up looks like a good idea, but I think it just makes it more confusing and complicated if your using IDE drives... The wires are just in the way and you might have to mount the drives with the wires on the inside panel, rather then the outside...

    I'd give this case an 8 out of 10... Its a lot wider then normal cases, just so it can have that little drawer... which I removed and it lowered my memory temp dramatically! Theres not enough room for more fans in this case and thats what really gets me... hope I helped!
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