Laptops which brand best for long use

which brand best in laptops???

for long use with excellent feature.
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  1. Dell laptops seem pretty good, so far. Bought one for my wife recently and it seems fairly rugged, good components.

    I have had a Toshiba for a bit over 3 years, but had some issues. Still, generally good laptops.

    They might have changed, but I have never heard anything good about HP laptops... desktop, good... laptop, not so much. Again, this could be old news, and not valid for today.

    IBM is a bit more expensive, but generally more well received, although I have talked to a few people that weren't big fans.

    I would stay away from anything with the name "Gateway" on it...

    Asus and Acer seem to make very good products, especially the latter. Big Acer fan, and not just because I had one of their original desktop machine around '94.

    MSI makes laptops, and have read decent things about them, but not too familiar.
  2. Depends on what you mean long use. Long battery life or do you mean the laptop will last you a few years?

    I work with all the major manufacturers and by far the best to work with is Dell's Gold business support. Their laptops are also well made, but stick to their latitude line, not vostro.

    Lenovo (IBM) makes good laptops as well, and again, if you get their business grade warranty, your covered.
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