X850Pro VS X1600XT

I'm updating my PC and i can get these two cards for almost exactly the same price:

Asus Radeon X850Pro 256MB GDDR3

Club3D Radeon X1600XT 256MB GDDR3

I found a lot of benchmark comparisons of either the X1600XT vs X800GTO or similar and the X800GTO would win, but almost none with the X850Pro, but i'm guessing the X850Pro would do better than an X800GTO???

I use my PC mostly for gaming so the question is which of these should i get for best performance?

Thanks in advance for any help!!
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  1. At stock speeds a X850 pro is definately above a X800GTO and X800 pro. All are 12-pipe X8x0's with a 256-bit memory interface, but the X850 pro comes clocked alot higher out of the box than the other two. The X850 pro is actually very close to a X800XL in performance. Pricing, I'd say you should be able to find a X800GTO or Pro much cheaper than a X850 pro, but if you found onefor cheap, it's a good card.
  2. Quote:
    i'm guessing the X850Pro would do better than an X800GTO???

    Correct.....at default speeds.

    An X850Pro is a twelve pipe card, as is the GTO, but the clock speeds are higher.

    Right now, my GTO is clocked beyond what the X850Pro is at default(520/560).....but only cost's $200 dollars.

    Would it be worth it to pay the extra $80 dollars and get the X850Pro?......for sure man!

    I simply didnt have the cash to go all out on a graphics card(which is why I will always be cooler than Paul.) :wink:
  3. Damnit....Pauls post wasnt there a second ago.....
  4. Thanx for the info, but you don't mention the X1600XT. I can get my hands on the x850pro for 210 euros and the X1600XT for 212 euros...so the question is since they are both almost exactly the same price, which is better? x1600XT or x850pro?

    EDIT: Also if there are better Nvidia cards for that price i'm not dead set on getting an ATi i just want best value for my money =)
  5. Depends on usage.

    If your looking for alot of multi-media features...then the x1600xt is your card. My experience is that the latest midrange cards from ATI havent been quite impressive, example: I HAD an X700...sold it really really quick.

    The X850 would probably be the better card of choice for gaming, considering the textures, fill rates, and shading capabilities.

    If your looking for an equal Nvidia card....the 6800GT OC is about it.
    the X850 is about $220, the GT about $250...your choice.
  6. The X850 PRO is a proven performer, but I've seen the X1600XT perform stragely in alot of benchmarks, doing very well in some, and terribly in others.

    Unless you're a video afficionado, I'd go with the X850 PRO.

    However, if you encode alot of video on your PC, and are willing to gamble that future drivers will fix the X1600, then that choice wouldn't be bad. Still, I wouldn't get one if gaming is your highest concern.

    In that price range you should probably have a look at the 6800 GS, as well. Excellent card.
  7. 8O Is there an echo in these here forumz? :D

    Hey now, I'm cheap and won't buy unless it's a deal. I need a decent AGP card now for my sons computer. The $70 Crucial 9700 pro refurb died in 4 days, and they have none to offer me. SO he is back using a Ti4200 again for now.

    Basically a cheap 9800 pro minimum, preferably a 6600GT or better. I Just tried to order a X850XT for $200 from Microcenter, but it was out of stock. I am so bummed as I would have given up my BBA 9800 pro and kept the XT for myself. AGP pricing premiums are making me a depressed geek. Anyway, I am leaning toward a GTO like yours, unless I can get an X8x0XT for near the same price. I'd be thrilled with those clock speeds of yours there.
  8. Sorry about that, I Kinda assumed if you saw the X800 GTO beating out the X1600XT, then it was enough to explain the X850 pro was above that. I'd say the X850 pro for sure.

    IMO, the X850pro is a much better buy over an equal priced X1600XT. Even the 8-pipe X800GT is able to outperform the X1600XT in some games: http://www.digit-life.com/articles2/digest3d/index0510.html
  9. Yes i assumed as much but since the x1600 is the newer line of cards i thought it might perform better on newer games because of new features. i usually upgrade my PC just once in 2 or 3 years for not too much money, but from what i've seen and heard the x850 will probably last me those 2/3 years untill i'm ready to upgrade again.

    Thank you everyone for your replies!
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