Feedbacks on the Lian Li PC-60 Plus

I'm am really interested on the Lian Li PC-60 Plus but apart from 2 or 3 reviews I didnt find information on it.
-Could the people who have got one tell me how's it like ?
Any problems with it ?
-I would like to know how much space is there between the airduct and MB ? Lets says could i put in a Thermaltake XP90 on my CPU ?
-Do you think it would do fine with a fanless PSU ?
Th :D x
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  1. I have the same questions as you. Look forward to the responses.
  2. I just got it a couple of weeks ago, and it is all quality. Looks more stylish than in pics too.
    Excellent airflow, 120mm intake blows over 5 drive removable cage, 80mm intake rear with chrome duct blows air to top of CPU, 120mm rear squirrel cage fan exaust, and 92mm top exaust.
    Has removable mobo tray, and is well built.
    I also got the window and the TR3 LCD 3.5bay temp monitor which is cool.
    I have 4 SATA drives installed, Opteron 175, Asus A8R-MVP, Corsair Xpert DDR RAM, Plextor 716AL slot load DVD burner and HiS X1800XT graphics card.
  3. Thx, do you know the distance between the airduct and the MB ?

    Do you think that making the airduct 80mm blow air out of the case instead of on would make any sense ?
  4. A conservative quick measure is a little over 4" to the concave edges (closest distance, middle can add another inch+a quarter).
    But it is a two peice design, which could allow some additional flex if needed. Also, if removed second peice of duct, it would allow full height to case, and still have half of duct blowing toward CPU if needed.
  5. I've been looking at this case as well. You guys have answered a lot of my questions before I even got to ask them. Shucks. :D
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