Windows 7 Startup Repair on every boot

So yesterday I added another hard drive to my computer. I now have 2 SATA hard drives running in my machine. I used the disk managment, and the 2nd hard drive is working as it should.

However, when I shut down my computer and turned it back on, Windows will boot to the Startup Repair screen every time. I checked the BIOS and made sure the boot order was correct, and even took the 2nd hard drive off the boot order in order to make sure it wasn't causing any issues. It's pretty annoying, because every time I start up, I have to wait for the whole repair process before it will load normally. Each time it always says that there are no repairs that could be made.

I also am not able to put my computer in sleep mode any longer. I believe my BIOS setting is set to S1, and before I never had any problems. I would put my comp to sleep and everything would be fine. After the 2nd hard drive, my monitor will turn off and it sounds like 1 of the hard drives turns off, but the CPU and fan are still running and it does not completely go to sleep.

Anyone else had these types of issues?
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  1. I have a similar problem on windows 7, every time i switch on pc it crashes, so i have to unplug the pc the plug it back in, then when turn it on again it does start-up repair, takes ages then finally starts up,
    Ive tried reinstalling windows, and error checking on my C: drive, still happens.

    Its fine when i want to just restart, Just on first start-up it does this.
  2. This weekend I was able to get everything working again. Not really sure what the main issue was, but I took out the extra hard drive I installed, and reinstalled Win 7.

    I also checked my memory timings to make sure they were all correct, and since I've reinstalled Windows I haven't had any freezing or crashed.

    Hopefully it will continue to be ok.
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  4. The same thing also happens with me, i have had my computer for 3 days and it just randomly switched off, then start up repair appeared finihsed and the computer reboots and starts up. It keeps doing this randomly and is annoying, so last night i decided to do a system restore to a point a few days before and it restarted and then started normally. I thought I had fixed it until boot this morning the same thing happened.

    I think it could be a virus but not 100% sure.. i havent created a windows recovery disk yet,so would it be safe to make one now even if there could be a vuris in the system?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    cheers, Tom
  5. I am having a very similar problem. I always put my computer on sleep, but sometimes i accidentally press "Shut Down" Whenever i try to turn it on soon after, it will do all of it's stuff to launch, but then when it's meant to go to the Login as _________ It will just be a COMPLETELY black screen and only my custom cursor is visible on the screen. I have an HP Pavillion 2009v. Th annoying part about all of this is the fact that EVERY SINGLE tim this happens, i have to re-install everything i have downloaded before it shut down. Please help my, its REALLY bugging me.

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