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Well, what did u guys think of it? VX500 was rather dissapointing, and I am rather annoying they didn't try out the TFT5030....would have been in the rapage squad there with the L365:)

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  1. what technology does Compaq use in their 5030, and 7020 monitors?
    I know I remember someone saying it before. Maybe it was Gosharks. My TFT7020 works great in games and I don't have any problems at all with it. I'd really like to see THG review this compaq, and also the Planar models that say they have 25 ms response times.

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  2. Gotta love Tom and how thorough he is with the reviews :)

    I'm really disappointed that Samsung decided not to participate in this review though. I am very curious as to how my Samsung SyncMaster 760VTFT stands up to the rest. With it's 400:1 contrast ratio, 150 degree viewing angle, and 16.7 million colors, the specs rank up there. I've been using this monitor for FPS gaming for the past 2 months, and have had a great experience. I used to use a 19in CRT, but I've found that this 17 LCD is perfectly suitable. I've noticed none of the 'glowing' that Tom mentioned in his review, that he said made playing FPS games impossible. I play competitive CS as well as a decent amount of Q3...haven't noticed anything other than the fact that my displays look a lot better than my friends 19in Sony CRTs ;)

    That's all from me, just thought I would share my own little personal review of one of the lower end Samsung LCD models. E-mail me with questions if you'd like. Have a nice day.

  3. Any thoughts about the 'other' alternatives? Meaning, Apple? How about the Cinema Display line? We have one at work (at a Apple Store) and their 22" Cinema Display is definitely one of the best ones out there. Stop by at Apple store and take a look.

    I wonder what type of technology did Apple use for their new iMacs. I can't wait to get one into our stores! :)
  4. LOL oni, that episode was just on last night! I love that one ;)
  5. Thanks for your comments,

    I'm Vincent, from I will try to test some more LCD very soon. If I have well understood, it would be nice that I test some displays signed by Compaq, Apple and of course Samsung. It might finally be possible. So, I'll try, I'll try...



    Vincent Alzieu
  6. We would be most appreciative (especially if you could do the TFT5030). Also, I haven't seen many 17" reviews, and now they are cheap as well, so think you could try out a few models, specifically the TFT7020, Planar 17.4inchers, and some others. I must admit, you guys were looking at all the problems, and stated everything, however minor- it's really helpful.

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  7. Apple's studio displays are definately nice, but the viewing angles will improve over time. (not a big issue on the G4 iMac!!) ditto with the response time.
  8. Maybe its just my personal bias showing, since a recent purchase of a Viewsonic VG191, but my impression of the test was it was largely confined to early 01 models, and the end of the year had a surge of newer technology with several 25ms and less panels appearing. Coinciding with a hefty price drop that brought several 18-20" screens into the 'affordable' range there seems to be a corresponding uptick in interest in flat panels - at least among power users.This group is already on 17-19"+ CRTs and is not about to switch to 15" LCDs no matter how good they are (IMO).

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  9. Us artists (web, print, computer, etc) totally rely on colour to appease the consumer and these LCDs really have their work cut out for them. The colour range on these LCDs are simply not enough for our needs. I guess we will need to retain our good old CRTs. It would be such a bonus if the LCDs could display the same (or close to) range of colours are CRTS. That would be really good. :)
  10. Vincent PLEASE also review the PLANAR PV174 they are great LCD monitors bases on MVA technology.

  11. I currently own the Planar CT1744NU 17.4" LCD Multimedia monitor. The specs and info can be found on Planar's website via this link:

    I have had this monitor for quite some time as I got a GREAT deal on it 4 months ago ($800!!!) from Dell. I have the clear one but I regret not getting the red one. Which by the way makes this company unique because you can get it in different colors - Red, Clear, or Blue (they used to have Black but I am not sure if that was a Dell exclusive).

    Four months later I can now say, that this monitor really is worth every penny. You get both analog and DVI inputs, and a built in USB hub (4in1). The monitor also has built in stereo speakers but @ 1 Watt per channel (yes, ONE)... they are worthless to me compared with my Dolby 5.1 setup. But nevertheless you cannot say that any other manufacturer has these features plus a 25ms 160 degree viewable 17.4" screen @ 400:1 contrast.

    As far as image quality goes, I can only compare it to the CRT that it replaced (21" Sony Trinitron). Just the space saved on my desk makes up for a lot of the shortcomings that Vincent mentions in his article about LCDs. However as an added bonus, recently I bought the optional wall mounting bracket and now I only have my keyboard and my mouse on my desk. Which brings up another advantage that this monitor has - the stand is detachable and the unit can hang on the wall. To me it looks like the poorman's HDTV Plasma screen... although I do wish it was (but you can lie to all your friends like I do...)

    I run it at it's max resolution of 1280x1024x32bit without any problems. I do have one bad pixel but since it's in the lower right hand corner it's only noticeable if I look at the taskbar time display area. Otherwise I am able to play all my FPS and of course the standard apps without any real discernable difference with my CRT (other than the ones mentioned in Vincent's review). I should mention that I have used notebooks in the past where fast movement would be blurry but this LCD can display everything quite nicely (I sometimes use it to watch DVDs).

    As far as image quality and colors go... the colors are rich but somewhat dull. The backlight is bright and even. The image is sharp but not too grainy. However, I am not a monitor expert so these are just my opinions based on my old CRT vs the Planar.

    The multilanguage on-screen controls are kinda awkward but they do their job. You have control over brightness, contrast, volume (for the speakers), positioning, auto-adjust (monitor automatically adjusts to the signal... so you don't have to calibrate position), DVI/analog selection (great feature if you use both ports on the monitor at the same time), various color adjustments (gamma, temperature), and reset.

    Finally, I would just like to add that Planar offers a 3-year warranty that also covers 2-day shipping. This to me was the final selling point of this awesome flat panel. To this day, I still can't find any other flat panel in its size that compares... and given that you can buy it for around $680 (Dell has them real cheap and if you can find a coupon deal...) makes the package more worth it.
  12. Wanta compare it to a TFT7020? I got mine for $645. The colors are definetly not dull in any way shpe or form on mine, and there are no dead, if only they would replace it soon w/ one that doesn't have a crazy backlight....

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  13. You can get a Planar PV174 from Dell for about $630 using the 10% off coupon, that's shipped btw. I've heard of a couple people getting replacements for even one dead pixel, something most companies would never do.
  14. Actually, u can return for 1 dead pixel- just that it's advised against. I got free 1st day shipping from Compaq....

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  15. Does anyone know about this new LCD technology from NEC Mitsubishi called FFD? This website has the details-(,3428,a=15016,00.asp). Does anyone know if this technology is in the Eizo L365? I decided to wait until Mitsubishi released LCDs with FDD in 1Q02. I wonder if it is worth the wait.
  16. That technology isn't even out yet for LCD's, and don't hold your breath either. Last I heard it's being devoted to TV screens before LCD screens so it may not even be readily available this year.
  17. I was waiting for this technology too however the person in the know about this from NEC/Mitsubishi said that FFD will not come out at all this year.
  18. Interesting. Another article I read said samples were avialable for $1,000. I sent Mitsubishi an email today and asked them about the FFD status. If they have anything significant to say, I'll post it.
  19. What about the KDS Rad5? There are reviews on other sites that say very good things about this one. I have tried it in stores and it seems excellent. Very low pixel response time, claimed 13ms. Very good black and color display. Also very bright whites without re-adjustment. Viewing angle is good too.
    If there is another review, please include this one, I would like to see how it compares to the others.
    It is also one of the cheapest around.
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