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I am running windows 7 ultimate and did not know that win7 have dx11 pre-installed, so i downloaded dxweb setup end user runtimes and instaled it but in the properties of the file it says "directx9"

could it that be a problem for me?
when i run dxdiag everything seems fine it displays that i have directx 11
but when i run windows system specification from the windows experience it displays that i have directx 10..

also, when i refresh windows experience rating it cannot be completed and it displays error in some .dll files when it comes to rate aero and direct3d...

Did i damage .dll files of directx when i installed dxweb setup end-user runtime?

Please help me
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  1. (1) You updated the DX9 libraries

    (2) The OS is capable of DX11, as shows by dxdiag

    (3) Your Video Card supports DX10
  2. Thank you very much for your attention.
    So, any ideas about the windows experience rating facing error when it comes to direct3d?

    what about updating dx more? such as dx11 sdk?
  3. What would you need an SDK (Software Development Kit) for? Are you going to write code?

    Here's a link to the latest: If that's what you used, then you *are* updated. At the moment, it's not possible to be newer than that, unless you want to obtain/play with beta software.

    So, any ideas about the windows experience rating facing error when it comes to direct3d?

    Your original post mentioned no error... Are you experiencing errors? DXDiag should tell you if it's running properly or not. If you are experiencing errors, then I recommend first removing your existing video drivers and any related apps - restart - then install the newest versions from your maker's websitel. If not, then IMHO you are obsessing and should stop doing that.
  4. I'm sorry but i am a little confused with dx.
    I downloaded the first file of this page
    I didn't know what dx11 sdk exactly doing , now that you tell me i definitely don't need it.

    All my questions started to happen from the error of windows experience telling me something about .dll files missing. I will post exact files as soon as i go home.
    Generally the situation is the below.
    I made a clean installation of win 7 ultimate 64 bit and installed all the latest OEM drivers from HP certified for win 7 64bit. My system is working perfectly except the windows experience rating.
  5. Update your video drivers, and the problem should be solved.
  6. When you tell video drivers i suppose you DON't mean graphic card drivers (because they are updated), am i right?
  7. I *do* mean that - The Direct X software you downloaded is not your video card drivers.
  8. No i did install the latest drivers for nvidia from my notebook's official website hp support and drivers
  9. You said you installed the Vista 64 drivers... Check for Windows 7 drivers with the chipser maker (ATI or Intel), please.
  10. No i write clearly in my previous messages that i installed drivers for win 7 64 bit from HP support & drivers.
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