An available 4-pin Molex hard drive power dongle??

This just a fancy name for your psu cables or do I need and adaptor? tia steve
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  1. The Molex connectors are the same ones that connect to IDE hard drives, and non-SATA DVD-burners/ROMs. They are standard on all ATX PSU's... As far as I know. I have yet to see a PSU w/o them.

    If you want a picture -
    This item has a 4-pin input. Its the same input on the back of the drives I mentioned above.
  2. thx nobly that's what i thought I'm good to go. But what's the best agp card for the buck. I start out w 6600gt now for 20 bucks more I can get a 6800xt very overclockalable. Thx again Steve :roll:
  3. Hey Steve, no problem.

    If you're concerned about video cards, I'd recommend you check out and look at the charts and benchmarks they have there. It just really depends on what you want to do w/ your computer.

    I really haven't kept up w/ the graphics card industry at the present.
    At first glance, I'd take the 6800 since it has the 256-bit wide bus.

    You may want to start another thread for this topic. =)
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