Help! Video card question...

Will i see a dramatic change if i change my Nvidia Grforce4 MX420 card to a ATI radeon 9550, 8x AGP 256DDR, 128 bit...?

I play CS and COD2 btw...

And will it configure right in my computer?
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  1. Uhhhhhhhh yeah. But if you're going to get a 256MB card, get a Radeon 9800. Hell, go for a x800.

    How do you even play COD2 on that GF4MX?

  2. i found a 9550 for 80 bucks... in a perfect world i would go higher, but i have no cash lol :cry:
  3. EDIT:

    Gosh, when did I get to be such a dumb bunny. I had suggested PCI-e cards for an AGP slot. What a dip _ _ _ _! Sorry, of course PCI-e cards will not work in an AGP system, my mistake.
  4. I think he's aiming @ AGP bud, those are both PCI-E.
    Maybe you meant this?

    $105 after rebates...

    You could always Softmod this...
    Just a suggestion.

    May I also recommend throwing a few bucks for another stick 256.
    512 is just cutting it for anything now a days. Wait, your using RDRAM?
  5. yep... rd, its great if you have the money to spend on 2 512 sticks paired with their continuity module... its the cont. module thats costs you... :cry:
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