7800GT - Expectations To High?

Hi, I have a question, Iv'e owned my Nvidia EVGA 7800GT for about a few weeks now and I know it works because I can play COD II and FEAR all maxed out but it's with my original old games that I don't get. I used to own a Nvidia EVGA 6600 PCI E and I would be getting 50-150fps in COD UO (Call Of Duty United Offensive) and now with my 7800GT I am not even passing up 200fps. My friend has a Nvidia 6800 PCI E and he's getting well over 200fps. I was expecting to get 300+ fps...did I put my expectations to high or is something need to be changed?

My setup is Intel 3.0, 2GB of ram, I checked all the stuff, Vsync is off, maxfps is set to 1,000. Iv'e come to the conclusion that I either need a reinstall of windows or that I need to flash my Bios.

Can anyone please be of some help and tell me did I set my expectations to high or is there something that needs to be done? Thank You to all who helps.
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  1. Dude, are you serious with this post???

    Give me a break man... who cares so long as ur getting frame rates over 100FPS?

    But if you're REALLY that concerned, compare your system specs to your friends. He probably has a faster processor and RAM than you do. P4 3.0Ghz ain't all that fast anymore.

    Sorry in advance if I sound like a prick... but this post is a little silly. Most people come in here w/ problems like getting <30FPS in COD. Count ur blessings that ur not one of them.

  2. lol well im sorry but yes im a FPS Nazi, my friend has 1.5GB Ram and a 3.2Ghz and if so ur saying that his specs are better and that's why im not getting over my fps would you be considering my PC to be bottlenecking?
  3. At these speeds, you're probably cpu limited. So 3Ghz or 3.2Ghz can already make a big difference.

    Tip: Try some games with more eye-candy like complex shaders and stuff... --> then we'll see who's stronger --> the 7800GT ofcourse :twisted:
  4. 200mhz can make a big difference. (of course this heavily depends on the game). Does he have a prescott or northwood? Do you have a prescott or northwood? Also, is your FSB 400mhz, 533Mhz, or 800mhz? What's his?

    When I bump my Athlon x2 4200+ up just 100mhz my 3dMark05 score goes up nearly 1000 points. (of course, my FSB is a little faster too)

  5. is your freind is playing at the same game settings. maybe the game enables more eye candy with your card. for me as long as the card can maintain the 60-70 fps needed to enable v-sync it passes the test. as long as it can do that, i dont care how many fps it does.
  6. can your monitor even display past 80 fps?
  7. yes I have a Sony HS94P Monitor, 19" and I was getting 150+ with my Geforce Nvidia 6600 PCI E card and can't even surpass 200 with my Nvidia 7800GT
  8. so who cares about 100 or 200 or 300 frames when your monitor wont show over 80..... it doesnt matter how many frames you get the monitor is only showing 80 of those frames at best and after that your just gonna get page tearing.....so you should probabley be turning the v-sync on to limit those frames not trying for more.... so relax and enjoy your games

    Sony HS94p
    Horizontal Scan (kHz)
    28k - 80 kHz
    Vertical Refresh (Hz)
  9. See heres the problem with your logic here. COD isnt just gonna keep giving you better and better framerates as you get newer cards. There is a limit to how high of an fps you can get, (see the benchmarks for UT2004 for example). After awhile with older games your fps will be limited only by your processor and not your GPU, which would explain why your friend is getting a better fps than you are.
  10. yeah I understand what you mean by that. Thanks
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