How do I restore user profile? (Win 2K)

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Dear Folks,

Two steps forward, one step back... <sigh>...

In the process of uninstalling all my Adobe apps (re: trying to get
Photoshop to work again), I managed to get Win2K (SP4) confused. When I
rebooted the system, it reported the following error:

"Windows cannot load your profile because it may be corrupted. Contact your


"Windows cannot load the profile and is logging you on with a temporary
profile. Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off."

So, of course, I get booted into the generic startup desktop, with all my
custom settings and start menu items lost. Recreating all that stuff
manually will be a major annoyance.

How do I restore my profile from last night's backups? (note: I'm the
administrator and this *is* the admin account I'm logging on with)

I tried restoring my C: partition, my WIN2K system partition (including the
"documents and Settings" folder and my applications partition to their state
last night, but I still get the "cannot load your profile" message. I'm
guessing there's a 'dirty' flag or bit set somewhere that needs to be
disabled, or some such, or what? Do I need to actually reformat the
aforementioned partitions and reinstall from my backups to get past that?
Will that even work, or is there an easier way? IS there any way?

Can anyone here help me?

BTW, I looked at JSI tip #5156 "How do I fix a corrupt Windows 2000 user
profile?" It doesn't tell me how to restore a profile, just how to identify
a bad one (and replace it with the generic one). I can already do that, no
thanks <wry smile>.

pax / Ctein

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    Subject: Re: How do I restore user profile? (Win 2K)
    From: Ctein <>
    To: Ctein <>

    Dear Folks,

    Never mind-- problem solved. I needed to create a second admin account I
    could log into. THEN I could restore my user preferences from the backup to
    the original admin account.

    pax / Ctein
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