Lite-On LTR-48126S Problem?

I got a CD-RW from Lite-On, LTR-48126S and im having a problem with it

1st, lets just say the Recorder kills my every 3rd CD, no joke, i wonder why somtimes it records a CD full
there are some symtomps that i realised

1.multiple source (like a file from E: a file from C: make the recoreder kill my cd
2.if u turn multisessions on, guess what happens...yes he's a killer
3.Audio CD Burnging is like swearing him, it starts and stops in 5% always

after gettin pissed off of this, i thought why not search for any driver (i knew there arent any for optical drivers) i found out that there are for it firmwares.

i found one, and the funny thing is....just watch it

look carefuly, the firmware is special made for the model with an executer, it searches the model if its installed (and it is) and then that...

guys im speechless, i resloved alot of problems but this one is just stupid, and the support from Lite-On, dont want to talk about it.

what i exactly all the time ment, is, HELP?

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  1. LOL. That's just fucked up.

    Try reversing the drives. Make the Lite-On a slave (or master depending on ur setup). Also try completely removing that Aopen drive and putting the Lite-On by itself. I know that's not exactly a solution- but it may reveal something useful.

  2. all things good now :), thnx for tryin to help me

    found out that my firmware was an OEM one, i had to trick it with a software 1st and update it...

    the Lite-On works perfect now, i can even record more the 4 cd's in a row without killin one of them :lol:

  3. That's funny about it trashing every 3rd disc. A new one to me.

    BTW, I spent 12 months on deployment in Kosovo back in 1999/2000. Pretty country... cold though.

  4. :D thats good man, hope u had fun here, things are even better now :)

    ps, here's the link that helps update the firmware OEM versions

    there are even more tools on

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