Yet another card buying question

First post. Wondering if anyone can help me to choose my next graphics card. Having read some of the other threads I'm sure that the very knowledgable people here can offer some advice, hopefully.
I have a 3.0Ghz P4 with 1Gb ram, and a struggling Geforce 5200 128mb AGP card (not the best for playing FEAR).
As my price range is restricted I am forced to choose between the following:

Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 256MB DDRII, AGP8X,ATI9600XT,DVI-I,TV-Out,Lite-Retail €110.00
PowerColor Radeon X700 256MB DDRII, AGP8X, Tv-Out/DVI, Retail €125.01
XFX GeForce 6200A 512MB DDRII, AGP8X, Tv-Out, DVI-I, Retail €125.01
Club3D GeForce 6600, 256MB DDR, 128bit, AGP 8X, VGA, DVI, Tv-Out, Retail €129.00
Sapphire Radeon X700 256MB DDR, AGP8X, Tv-Out, DVI-I, Lite-Retail €129.00
Sapphire Radeon X700PRO 128MB GDDR3, AGP8X, Tv-Out, DVI-I, Lite-Retail €145.01

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
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  1. of those, the X700Pro is most likely to be the fastest option...
  2. Quote:
    of those, the X700Pro is the fastest option...
  3. Ummm....... DITTO? :wink:

    That X700Pro will be well ahead of the rest, and comes in as best price/performance for the prices you have too which is nice.
  4. Thanks.
    One question though. How will the Video Memory affect the overall preformance, after all its less that the PowerColor Radeon X700 with 256MB of memory? Is the difference between DDRII and GDDR3 that great, considering both they're 128bit?
  5. Yes it is a big difference.
    Mem clock is very important performance wise
    and if you want to overclock it will go higher o/c than ddr2 mem.
  6. X700 PRO, from those choices for sure.
  7. Hmm...I'm just throwing out alternatives...

    If your dead on ATI...this would be a better gaming card than the X700pro

    EDIT: I converted the Euro on these. The 145 = about $175

    I realize also newegg is a U.S. site, but these are just as a reference.
  8. Quote:
    If your dead on ATI...this would be a better gaming card than the X700pro


    No, it's not :roll:
  9. 3Dmark05

    9800XT : 3073marks

    The X700Pro (listed above) 3Dmark 05 score: 2975


    9800XT - 158.7FPS

    X700pro - 151.3 FPS

    HALF -LIFE 2 @1280x1024

    9800XT - 61.8 FPS

    X700pro - 57.8 FPS

    Lets try DOOM3...shall we... @1280x1024

    9800XT - 36FPS

    X700pro - 32.9FPS


    9800XT 36.5 FPS

    X700pro - 35.3FPS

    We'll do Pacific fighters for the fun of it....

    9800XT - 119.9FPS

    X700pro - 107.3 FPS

    I had an Asus 9800XT...I got it winter of 04, and really really loved it.
    No where near the heat output of the 9800pro 256...and it overclocked from 412/365 -->452/392...

    Where I had an X700 (TUL, known as Powercolor) stock @ 425/700 and
    got to 436/722 and had all kinds of artifacts.

    The X700 is suppose to be the bigger preformer...really, its not.
    If you can...go with a 256mg AGP will kill them both..if not
    IMHO...the 9800XT is a better buy...256mb/256bit
    X700pro that you listed 128mb/ either 128 or 256..likely 128 though

    Genetic: I used benchies brought to you by our friends @ Tom's, you know
    the people that host this forum :D .

    PM sometime when you feel like working this out...I still respect you and your knowledge...but sometimes ya gotta know when not to talk.

    And not to be to sutble but....

    P.S. I posted some pics of my FEAR scores...since, I mean, you wanted to see this 7800GT of mine in action. You should pop over and check that out too while your at it.
  10. Quote:


    Is that a picture of 9800XT telling Raven he sucks?
  11. Your 9800XT spelled sucks wrong, does it need an english lesson too?

    Can we just cut out the personal attacks here...its quite childish.
  12. Hate to burst your bubble, but lookie carefully at those benchmark charts you linked to, as well as the test system details. First off, they are using different driver versions on different platforms. yes, both are using an A64 4000+.

    BUT, In the AGP review, the X800XT AGP and the X800 pro AGP, absolutely destroy the PCI-e versions of the same cards in the PCI-e review. So, you can't compare them the way that you did in your long ownage post. :o

    EXAMPLE: 3DMark05
    AGP X800 Pro = 4,914
    PCI-e X800 pro = 4,652

    AGP X800XT = 5,860
    PCI-e X800XT = 5,720

    AGP X850XTpe = 6,395
    PCI-e X850XTpe = 6,211

    Seems to be a trend right? Either the AGP platform is faster, or the drivers are. Enough so that we know we can't directly compare the Cat 5.6 9800XT scores to the Cat 5.4 X700 pro scores and pick a winner, right? Sorry, Ownage taken away. ;)
  13. 3dMark isn't exactly an accurate performance indicator in alot of cases... at best, it'll give you an idea of relative performance.

    But 9800 XT or X700 PRO? Whichever's cheapest. I doubt you'd notice a difference.

    But if you're going to up the ante to $175, why in god's name would you go 9800 XT over an X800 GT?
  14. Quote:
    Your 9800XT spelled sucks wrong, does it need an english lesson too?

    Can we just cut out the personal attacks here...its quite childish.

    Bah, don't take that picture seriously Raven...he was just bored and felt like taunting you.
  15. This should be the best around you're price range
  16. Quote:
    This should be the best around you're price range

    Yeah the Club3D GeForce 6600GT, 128MB GDDR3 looks to be the best in my price range. Thanks everyone, I think I'll get that one....

    Also the benchmarks here helped. (Yeah external site I know :wink: .)
  17. Quote:
    Sorry, Ownage taken away. ;)

    Paul is fucking awesome :lol:
  18. In the world of ATI an XT is a good thing but nVidia is another story.

    Your card (above for $145) is a 6800 XT which has 8 pipes and is clocked none too fast at 300MHz. A 500MHz 6600 GT also has 8 pipes and would be cheaper and better (price is $139.00 usd today).

    Note that this would be a better card than a plain 6600 as well. In fact I think the 500 MHz 6600 GT will even beat the ATI x700. What do the rest of you think, I've been goofing up a lot lately, did I get it right this time?

    Crap! Blackdog beat me by a day. I should have read more careful.
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