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o.k. I'm currently working on my first computer, but I'm having a hard time trying to find a video card. I'm thinking about getting an Nvidia Geforce 6800 GT PCI Express 256MB DDR3 Video Card, but I have a couple (probibly basic) questions.

1.will I be able to run this video card by itself? (not with one or three other video cards)

2.If I get this card, which slot would I insert it in, x1, x4, x16 (I think I know which one, but I'm just trying to make sure)
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  1. so the 6800gt is a pci express 16x card, and yes it can run by itself without a master card or more than 1, i recommend getting a 7800gt instead if u can afford the extra cash
  2. Yes. PCI-E is 16x...data transer both ways.

    I agree with him, if you got the cash a 7800GT is a solid investment.
    However if your gaming appetite does not justify the extra preformance increase...then there's no point in getting the 7800.
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